Mayweather Sr: Bradley would get whipped by Floyd Jr.

By Boxing News - 10/15/2013 - Comments

bradley77By Chris Williams: Trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. isn’t about to say that WBO welterweight champion Tim Bradley (31-0, 12 KO’s) will be able to get a fight against his son Floyd Mayweather Jr., but he does think he’ll Bradley would take a one-sided loss if that fight does ever materialize in the future. Floyd Sr. believes that Bradley should wait as long as possible before he decides to mix it up with Mayweather Jr.

If Bradley’s to have any chance of getting a fight against Mayweather Jr., then it’s going to have to happen within Mayweather’s next 4 fights because he’ll likely be hanging up his gloves after his current contract runs out with Showtime/CBS.

Floyd Sr. told “That’s a good generation gap he’s [Bradley] got. He’s 30-years-old against a man who is six-years-older but the man who’s six years old is going to whip his a**.”

Bradley doesn’t have the kind of speed and talent that Mayweather does, so the only chance that Bradley would have to beat him would be to wait him out until Mayweather Jr. is too old to fight and then try and beat him. That’s not going to happen because Mayweather will be retiring long before he gets to that stage.

Bradley is a good fighter, but he looks kind of over-muscled and that seems to get in the way of him having the kind of speed that he would need just to compete with Mayweather. I’m not talking about Bradly beating Mayweather, because he cant do that even if he was as fast him. I’m just talking about Bradley being able to fight well enough to not lose every round of the fight, which is what would likely happen if Mayweather and Bradley were to fight right now.

It’s too bad that Bradley fights for Top Rank because it means that we’ll never get a chance to see him and Mayweather face each other unless his contract runs out in the next year. It’s probably not a doable fight until that happens.

Mayweather defeated a prime Juan Manuel Marquez 4 years ago in 2009, winning every round of the fight. There absolutely nothing close about Mayweather-Marquez fight. It was a mismatch in every sense of the word. In contrast, Bradley went life and death with Marquez, barely beating him by a close 12 round split decision in a fight that was painfully boring to watch. Mayweather’s fight with Marquez was entertaining even though it was one-sided. Bradley’s fight with Marquez was sleep inducing to watch.

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