Klitschko destroys Povetkin with ease

povetkin666By Ciaran McKinney: Tonight in the heart of Moscow, thousands of fans were witness to an absolute demolition job from Wladimir Klitschko on the brave, but extremely limited Alexander Povetkin.  

A massive purse bid, the third largest in history and an inflated record boasted by the hometown hero had some boxing fans claiming that this could be it, the time had finally come for one half on the all conquering Ukrainian brothers. The fighters came to the fantastically kitted out Olypiskiy Arena ready for a war, but from the first bell, it was clear that any hope was false.

Although I myself, gave the first round to the underdog Povetkin, it set the tone for a genuinely poor contest that has a bad taste in this reporters mouth. It was a bout filled with poorly aimed pot shots from Alexander Povetkin and the usual sight of leaning and pushing down from Klitschko left the viewing audience with the all too familiar sight of the flame haired Russians head lodged firmly in the arm pit of the dominant Wladimir.

In the second round, a jab from Klitschko sent the off balance Povetkin to floor, from that moment, right through to the sixth, it was one way traffic and it was what we’ve seen so many times before, Klitschko jabbing away at opponents and instead of relying on his clear skill superiority, we saw a lot of pushing down and leaning from him, which was only to get worse as the fight when on, especially when you considered how one sided the bout was.

In the seventh round, there was a horror show on the part of Povetkin, the ruthless streak of the Ukrainian took apart his challenger, if you took your eyes off the bout then you may have lost count of the number of knockdowns that too place, he didn’t hit the floor thrice on his own without the help of Klitschko pushing him down to the floor, Povetkin was like a rag doll, he was destroyed, but hats off to him, he did not give in and he battled to the brutal, final bell. Hats off to him, he had the heart of a lion.

Klitschko got away with murdered, a deducted point was a mere slap on the wrist for his list of infractions, the referee was poor to say the least, refusing to pay attention to the energy zapping tactics of Wladimir.

In my regular column, I shall take a much closer look at the heavyweight division as i did six months ago, a check up on the state of affairs. But i shall leave you with this in the heat of the moment, just after the fight.

Klitschko, the 37 year old champion tonight came up against the next great hope, a man  hyped up to be someone that could tame the beast, yet even with Klitschkos pushing and leaning, he was multiple classes above Povetkin and steamrolled home to one the the most one-sided decisions you are likely to see in a World Title fight, the three judges at ringside unanimously scored the bout 119-104.

A scary margin for what is supposed to be a number one challenger coming up against the champion. It speaks volumes as the to quality of Wladimir, but what does it say about the heavyweight comtenders. How do you think the K2 brothers would have fared against the heavyweight champions of yesteryear?, i would love to hear your opinions in the comments section, whether you agree of disagree, opinions make conversation. Leave your views here and on twitter @BoxingVoiceNews

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