Is Deontay ready?

By fightfan24 - 10/29/2013 - Comments

deontay63Is heavyweight Deontay Wilder (30-0, 30 KO’s) ready for the big stage? If he isn’t, does it really matter? I’ve had some time to digest what I watched on Showtime this past Saturday night, and first let me say the fights were entertaining, especially the main event in the latter half of the fight considering it was Bernard Hopkins, who I consider to be the most conservative “great” champion I’ve ever seen.

Anyways, Nicolai Firtha’s effort against Deontay Wilder was admirable if nothing else.  At least he was tough enough to throw caution to the wind and take some punishment just to land his one punch to Deontay’s 2 or 3 counter shots at times. I myself was definitely impressed by the composure of Deontay as he faced more pressure than he’s used to. Fought well enough off his back foot to fight out of trouble when needed and showed a little more of his arsenal than he’s needed to in past fights. The question is, is he ready for the big stage? The big stage unquestionably being fighting a Klitschko.

Wilder’s biggest win to date is Siarhei Liakhovich, whom he ko’d in the first round, although you can argue getting a victory over someone named Ty Cobb sounds like he’s already gotten the greatest victory of his career (for all my baseball fans). To be honest, I’m not really sure it matters if Deontay is ready or not. The crave for an American heavyweight champion will force a Klitscho fight sooner than later, whether Deontay is ready or not.

Deontay’s promoters have already brought him along at a snails pace, and now with 30 KO’s in 30 fights I think we can all agree it’s time to remove the tortoise shell and put on the hares’ feet. I don’t think either Klitscho is too eager to fight this young stud that is Deontay Wilder. Vitali is on his way to presidency in Ukraine so it makes you wonder how much interest he really has left in defending his title at the highest level. Wladimir Klitschko isn’t getting any younger himself, and we all know about his inability to take a big punch, which is Deontay’s specialty. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Wladimir tried to hold off this potential fight as long as possible. Deontay would definitely be the underdog in either Klitschko fight, and rightfully so being that the brothers have dominated the division for years, but with Wilder’s jab, his power and having the speed advantage, I’d give him an excellent chance at pulling the upset in either fight. Oh did I mention Deontay Wilder is 6’7″? Which means neither Klitschko will have a height advantage, which is almost never the case in a Klitschko fight. I hope we get to see this soon boxing fans, because it’s certainly been a while since there’s been a big heavyweight fight involving an American that actually had a chance to win. And in the famous words of former New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott all I can say is, “can’t wait!”

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