Danny Garcia “Low Blows” Matthysse!

By Boxing News - 09/15/2013 - Comments

garcia564By R.Amin: Last night was a disappointing night in boxing. I waited for the Danny Garcia vs. Lucas Matthyese fight for months. I thought it was going to be a great night of boxing making history but boy was I wrong. One one side, there was Danny Garcia, a somewhat decent slugger, known mostly from his loud-mouthed dad for his useless rants. I always thought Danny was a b-rated fighter. Danny, however, did surprise me when he KO’ed Amir Khan. On the other side, there was this emerging star name Lucas Matthysse, a very humble fighter with enormous power.

From the pre-fight buildup, we seen Danny’s dad Angel Garcia over the top behavior disrespecting the Argentinian people with his corny patriotic comments. Not surprisingly, this behavior was seen before when his son fought Amir Khan, with his dad’s rants. Boxing world was interested to see if his son Danny can back it all up after all the trash talk. If anything Angel Garcia keep on embarrassing his son but that can be another article. Now back to the fight.

From the time the bell rung, Danny Garcia seemed to be playing the defensive role. I thought it was going to be a chess match. What i didn’t realize then that it was going to be a very dirty fight. Every time Danny felt Matthyese power, he resorted by responding with constant low blows. Initially when it happened the first time, I took it as an accident but the low blows kept on coming and Danny got away with it. It was sickening to watch. The referee, should of deducted more points, on the 2nd low blow as well.

Danny, did eventually caught Matthyese with a good shot where his eye was swelled up. Matthyese corner should of stopped the fight at that point, instead of their fighter taking punishment when he couldn’t see from one of his eyes. You live to fight another day. To my surprise, Matthyese got heart of a champ and continued fighting with one eye swollen shut. I didn’t think it was smart move cause we all know boxing is a dangerous game. Matthyese did take a lot of punishment afterwards. Then the worst part of the fight was when Matthyese slipped on the ropes and was given a knockdown. The fight was very close on the scorecards, it could of went different route if that knockdown didn’t occur.

Its boxing and accident do happen. It was very unfortunate that Matthyese eye impaired his ability to fight 100%. But none the less he got a heart of a champion. On a flip side. Garcia fought very dirty fight and from watching the fight, I wonder if it was part of their game plan. I didn’t think he won the fight fairly I don’t believe Danny Garcia is a true champ at this point, I have to see more. Until he proves he can really fight Matthyese in a rematch. He DOES-NOT deserve a fight with Mayweather nor he gets any respect from the true boxing fans.

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