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Floyd-aholics And Pac-a-maniacs: Boxing’s Super Fans

may222By Chester Rivers: There are countless numbers of articles written about Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao but few to none written about their die-hard fans. It is understandable why these two would have the two largest fan bases in boxing but what is puzzling is their (the fans) devotion to their favorite fighter. Mayweather fans seem to be addicted to Floyd Jr antics so I named them Floyd-aholics. Pacquiao fans seem to be in a crazed stupor for Manny so I’ll refer to them as Pac-a-maniacs.

Floyd-aholics tend to live vicariously through Floyd. They can relate to Mayweather’s life story of being the product of a felonious father and a single mother. Mayweather’s rags to riches story made possible by sports is many of his fans American dream. Floyd-aholics often feel disenfranchised so they fill the void with superficial material items like cars, clothing and the need to flash money much like their hero Floyd Jr. The Mayweather super fan will quickly defend Floyd Jr whether he’s in the right or wrong. When Floyd Jr was accused of attacking a security guard Floyd-aholics justified Mayweathers actions by believing the security officer provoke Floyd Jr in order to gain a financial judgement via lawsuit. Floyd-aholics believe that Manny Pacquiao is to blame for their failed 2010 fight negotiations. They believe Floyd Jr claims that Pacquiao was using performance enhancing drugs because of Manny refusal to take the test. Ask any Floyd-aholic and they’ll agree that Manny’s refusal is a clear indication of guilt.

Pac-a-maniacs are similar to the Floyd-aholics. They will support Manny through thick and thin. Pac-a-maniacs conditioned themselves to believe Floyd Mayweather Jr is too afraid to face Pacquiao in the ring. They absorbed every excuse spewed from the mouths of Bob Arum and Manny. They actually think that collecting a small vile of blood would weaken Manny. They also defend the notion that Pacquiao is so afraid of needles that he is willing to pass on a 40 million plus dollars payday to face Mayweather. In light of Manny’s newest contradiction of agreeing to random blood testing for Brandon Rios, Pac-a-maniacs are defending Pacquiao because of Rios involvement with infamous conditioning coach Angel Heredia. Pac-a-maniacs are split on the reason for his knock out loss to Juan Marquez. Some feel it was the product of a lucky punch while other Pacquiao fans think the loss was somewhat suspicious because of Marquez added muscle and change in physique. These are some of the same allegations that lead Pacquiao to sue Mayweather.

Floyd and Manny are both in the twilight of their careers. Will they ever fight? It is highly unlikely. Will the sport of boxing die when they retire? No! another fighter will come along and carry the sport. Will boxing be hurt without the super fan like the Floyd-aholics and Pac-a-maniacs? Most definitely YES!

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