Hughie Fury vs. Ladislav Kovarik this Saturday, June 8th

fury564534By Scott Gilfoid: 18-year-old heavyweight prospect Hughie Fury (4-0, 3 KO’s) will be facing an opponent over twice his age this Saturday night in 38-year-old journeyman Ladislav Kovarik (10-14, 5 KO’s) on the undercard of the James DeGale vs. Stjepan Bozic fight at the Glow, Bluewater, Greenhithe, Kent, United Kingdom.

The Fury- Kovarik fight is stacked up to be another mismatch for the young Fury to pad his record with. I mean, Kovarik, from the Czech Republic, has lost 11 of his last 13 fights and one of the losses was a 1st round knockout to Richard Towers. I don’t really see the gain for the 6’6” Hughie in fighting someone of this caliber.

You’d like to see a fighter being put in with someone with at least someone that can give young Hughie some rounds, wouldn’t you?

Whatever the case, it looks like Fury has got a guaranteed victory on Saturday. Fury’s last four opponents have had the following records: 11-20, 1-0, 4-27, and 0-4. That’s not good, believe me. And now Hughie is facing a guy with a 10-14 record in Kovarik, and I don’t understand why Hughie is not being put in with better opposition.

This kind of reminds me a lot of how Hughie’s cousin Tyson Fury has been matched up against since he turned pro. If you look at his resume, it’s filled with the same kind of soft cream puff opposition that you’re seeing with the young Hughie and it’s so, so sad because Fury is now trying to take himself into a fight with David Haye. There’s no way Tyson stands any chance of winning that fight because he doesn’t have the experience or the talent.

Hughie already has his next fight scheduled on June 15th against a fighter named Tomas Mrazek (7-40-6, 5 KO’s). The 32-year-old Mrazek has lost 8 out of his last 9 fights.

The thing is when you look at Haye’s resume, you don’t see the soft opposition from top to bottom like you see with Tyson Fury and now what we’re seeing with Hughie. I think Hughie’s promoter isn’t doing him any good putting him in with guys that he can knock out by blowing his breath on them. The guy needs some actual talent if he wants to improve and someday be a decent fringe contender.

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