Jose Chelo Gonzalez and Ricky Burns both weigh 134.5 pounds

By Boxing News - 05/10/2013 - Comments

burns#12(Photos courtesy PR Best Boxing Promotions/Joel Colon) By Scott Gilfoid: #1 World Boxing Organization (WBO) lightweight ranked Jose “Chelo” Gonzalez and the WBO champion Ricky Burns weighed 134.5 pounds today during the official weigh in held at the St Echno Centre in Glasgow, for their clash of tomorrow at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow, Scotland.

Burns is going to be in for a world of hurt in this fight because Gonzalez is a huge puncher and Burns doesn’t have the power to stand and trade with this guy. The best that Burns can do is trying and spoil by running, holding and fighting a purely defensive battle.

If Gonzalez doesn’t knock Burns out cold, I think this fight could come down to whether the judges give Gonzalez credit for his better work rate and harder punches landed rather than the pecking shots that Burns will land here and there in between his many clinches.

Believe me, it’s going to be pure spoiling from Burns nonstop and I can’t see him winning a fight in that kind of manner, given that it’s taking place in his home country of Scotland, he might not need to do more than land an occasional shot to win a lopsided decision. I really hope the judges don’t job poor Gonzalez because it would be such a tragedy to see a talent like this fly all the way from beautiful Puerto Rico, totally dominate Burns, and then end up getting royally jobbed.

In Burns’ last fight against Kevin Mitchell, he came out looking like a slugger and was able to bang him out straightway. That makes me wonder if Burns now fancies himself as a slugger all of a sudden. God, I hope so because we could actually see some action tomorrow night in Glasgow instead of 12 rounds of ugly spoiling from Burns and then seeing him get hit hand raised.

I see Gonzalez winning every round of the fight and knocking Burns out cold if he chooses to slug with him. If the fight goes to the cards, I would expect Gonzalez to win easily, but I doubt seriously that he’ll be given the win. I see this as the mother of all controversial decisions, but I hope I’m wrong.

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