Floyd Mayweather Junior, a class all by himself

By Boxing News - 05/06/2013 - Comments

may#18(Photo credit: Naoki Fakuda) By By Babatis Banda: They all said he was aging and losing his legs. They also said he was losing his speed and defensive capabilities too. Of late, an argument is being advanced that Floyd is not an all-time great simply because there is no quality opposition. Some have gone as far as suggesting that he has actually avoided good opposition. It is impossible for a mere flesh and blood to please and satisfy everybody.

All these arguments are indicative of a great man. Floyd himself said that he aspires not only to be the best boxer, but the best sports personality and he is. Why is he the most highly paid if not? Forget about the insinuations, the mud smearing, the hate and the distortions and look at the reality of things. Whoever Floyd has faced has been reduced to the level of an ordinary boxer. This is simply because he is in a class of his own.

The Cotto fight brought about fake analysis of what was really happening with Mayweather. The so called analysts said father time had caught up with Floyd because he took some shots that he shouldn’t have. We now know that he fought that fight that way because he wanted to. If he boxed Cotto, the usual result was inevitable but he fought Cotto at his comfortable weight and on his game.

Stop the noise and the hate. You don’t have to acknowledge that he is the best boxer of our times if that is too painful, all you need to do is stop the sadism. Mayweather beat Guerrero up not because Guerrero was a soft spot, we all know he isn’t. Mayweather’s skills are too much for brawlers and punchers alike. He is a thinking and calculating boxer who is blessed with skills that are never taught in the gym. Mayweather will beat Pacquiao, he will beat any other boxer within his weight class, and to ask him to fight someone out of his weight class is ridiculous unless he himself chooses to do so. To make it seem as a must is pure hatred and pure insincerity.

What is really nice about everything is that facts can only be manipulated, but cannot be changed. Mayweather is still unbeaten. 44 have tried, and 44 have fallen short. We are actually privileged to witness this genius fight in our era. History will put this fighting machine at his rightful place, a class all by himself.

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