Broner and Malignaggi verbally spar at Judah-Garcia weigh-in

By Boxing News - 04/26/2013 - Comments

broner11By Allan Fox: Adrien Broner and WBA welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi got in each other’s faces at the Zab Judah – Danny Garcia weigh-in on Friday with both of them talking nonstop trash filled with mainly foul language. The two fighters will be facing each other on June 22nd at the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn, UK.

Malignaggi said this in video caught by “Baby Floyd, you got b**** in you. All the bums you fought haven’t prepared you for a real fighter. Lift up your shirt and let me see what you got. I see the b*** in you. It’s not about the check; it’s about me f**** you up.”

Broner said: “I’m going to f*** you up. You fat. Look at you. I f*** with one of your b****s.”

Malignaggi: “I share my b****s.”

Broner initiated the incident by tracking Malignaggi down after one of the members of his entourage informed him that Malignaggi was nearby. Broner then went over to Malignaggi and started trash talking. Broner kept a huge gap distance between him and Malignaggi. However, Malignaggi then walked straight up to Broner and got directly in his face and started trash talking. At that point, Broner backed off and retreated. Broner seemed bothered by Malignaggi referring to him as “Baby Floyd.”

Broner is good at giving sound bites during interviews, but he’s not very good when guys get in his face and start trash talking him the way that Malignaggi and Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero did.

Broner seems to cave in mentally when someone gets in his face and he doesn’t handle it well like Floyd Mayweather Jr. does. Mayweather Jr. seems to be mentally stronger during the trash talking with his opponents and he doesn’t back off the way that Broner does.

Malignaggi may have the edge in trash talking, but that still likely won’t help him any when the two fighters go at it in June. Broner has too much of a power advantage for Malignaggi and that will likely be the telling factor in the fight.

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