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Is Mayweather the greatest?

mayweather4534By Tom Drury: So Floyd “Money” Mayweather has once again made a genius business move signing a six fight contract with showtime to be completed over a period of 30 months. This deal if completed is to net Mayweather a huge $250,000,000, boxing fans across the globe are excited about this contract as it means Mayweather will have to fight twice a year to fulfill the contract. Mayweather has only entered the ring once a year since 2008 cashing out on $40,000,000 paydays, some have questioned his hunger for the sport.

What this contract shows is Mayweather’s hunger for immense wealth and to add to the great legacy he has already constructed throughout his illustrious career. Mayweather’s legacy is already cemented with wins over pound for pound fighters, undefeated fighters, (1) ranked fighters, knockout artists and everyone else that tried and failed to dethrone the pound for pound greatest.

Where does Mayweather go next? with this chapter of his boxing career which is likely to be his goodbye contract from the sport he has dedicated his life to and dominated from the time he entered the professional stage. May 4th he will fight Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, Guerrero is a good solid fighter, confident coming into the Mayweather fight coming off two great wins against genuine welter-weights Selcuk Aydin and Andre Berto.

I feel Guerrero will give Mayweather a tough test for the early rounds of the fight due to his rough, high paced mauling style, after the early rounds Mayweather will take Guerrero apart punch by punch and stop/K.O Guerrero within 10 rounds as he did Hatton.

Guerrero’s talking about roughing Mayweather up making him fight his fight, how many times have we as fans heard this from contenders stepping in the ring with Mayweather, it just does not happen! In Mayweather’s own words there is no “blueprint” on how to beat him, this is true 43 have tried and all come up short, along way short.

Floyd Mayweather “haters” are becoming desperate to see there public enemy Number #1 fall, so desperate there asking for fights with Sergio Martinez, Chavez Jr, Saul Alvarez all middle-weights unfortunately for those “haters” if Mayweather was to fight any of these fighters he would be victorious, i would like to see the Martinez fight as “Maravilla” can box, adapt and has good power but Mayweather is a genuine welter-weight and has nothing to prove against a genuine middle-weight and nothing to prove in the sport. Mayweather has never entered a fight in his professional career at an advantage, arguably once against the great Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez.

This last chapter of Floyd Mayweather’s career should go in one direction, that direction should be against the up and coming young undefeated fighters at welter-weight. Fans are calling for a fight with Alvarez, I ask why? Alvarez has not engaged with one elite fighter, Mayweather would destroy and school the “green” Alvarez. After Guerrero, Mayweather should fight Austin Trout, Trout is a southpaw with skills and good ring generalship who has recently outclassed Miguel Cotto.

Trout is potentially meeting up with Saul Alvarez in the future, Trout will destroy Alvarez and gain many fans in doing so, a Mayweather-Trout match up after there next bouts would make big money and be an intriguing battle.

Mayweather should then look at fighting guys like Luis Abregu (1) WBC ranked contender, Kell Brook (1) WBO ranked contender and maybe Erislandy Lara up at super welter-weight/Jr Middleweight. It seems fans are commercialized just wanting Mayweather to fight guys with celebrity names that bring in high ppv numbers not the fighters that actually possess the skills to test the “Money man”.

This shows the lack of knowledge some fans have about this sport. Mayweather is boxing. Whoever he fights he will generate huge ppv numbers, calling for fights with Saul Alvarez is naive to say the least he is a hype job that doesn’t belong in the ring with Mayweather, the same can be said for Amir Khan, people forget Mayweather has dominated boxing for over 20 years he is a seasoned veteran with skills second to none.

Alvarez has no experience against elite fighters it would be like putting a lamb to the slaughter, Amir Kahn has been knocked out every time he has stepped in the ring with a good solid boxer that comes to fight.

If fans are wondering why i haven’t mentioned Pacquiao as an opponent i will sum it up for you, Pacquiao in most fans mind (including mine) only ever had a punchers chance against Floyd Mayweather, that fight is now dead in the water, Pacquiao has never possessed the skills to worry Mayweather let alone beat him in the ring. Pacquiao has just suffered a devastating knockout loss to Marquez, a Pacquiao fight just doesn’t make sense if Mayweather was to fight him now and win (which he would comfortably) fans would only say its because of the devastating loss Pacquiao received against Marquez. The facts are Pacquiao has lost time and time again while im the first to admit he has been great for the sport and has had some great wins over top fighters he is not in the class or league that is Floyd Mayweather Jr.

If Mayweather fulfills this recent contract with showtime, the next 30 months are going to be exciting times for boxing followers as we will see a great become greater arguably the greatest of all time. So what are the match-ups fans would like to see Mayweather involved in over the next 30 months?

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