Rees’ views on Broner vs. Burns fight

By Boxing News - 02/18/2013 - Comments

burns7By Steven Ocallaghan: So I see after the fight that took place in Atlantic City New Jersey last Saturday night, Gavin Rees, who put up a game but ultimately tame performance against WBC lightweight champion Adrien Broner has now stated that he doesn’t think that WBO lightweight Champ Ricky Burns stands any chance against Broner.

Let’s get some facts here. Rees isn’t even Number 1 in Britain let alone the world. Burns is 1 in Britain, The Commonwealth and Europe and rated 3rd best in the lightweight division. Rees judges his decision on sparring. After sparring with Burns he has decided that Broner is to fast and hits harder. I won’t deny Broner hits faster and harder but Burns is physically stronger. He is no slouch himself and has a great defense. Burns will out-muscle Broner unlike the 5’4″ Rees.

I think if you had to ask Kevin Mitchell about sparring he would probably have said the same and fancied his chances when it really mattered, not in sparring but in a real match-up. Burns destroyed Mitchell and I think if you asked the question after a proper fight, Mitchell’s answer would be different.

Broner is undoubtedly world class. 2 weight world champ, undefeated and with a great KO ratio, but in his fight against a relatively small Daniel Ponce de Leon, he could easily have lst that one and also I think if you seen how Vicenete Escobedo fared against Edner Cherry, doesn’t make Broner’s win against him look world class.

Burns is one of the fittest boxers out there, like IBF lightweight champion Miguel Vasquez, they fight for 3 minutes for the full 12 rounds, more for the fact they are not renowned for there KO record but they do ware them down. Broner fights for 1 minute a round I think because he knows he has the KO power, but that renders meaningless if you can’t hit your opponent or tie them up like Burns and Vasquez.

If Gavin Rees ever gets a shot at Burns, after the proper bout and not sparring I would like to hear his answer then.

For a lightweight, Burns is massive, and compared to Rees, he would toss him aside. Rees struggled with Derry Mathews, by the way Mathews is very game but a domestic level fighter. Burns is world class, Rees is not.

Just got to put in a wee mention as to one of our writers who gave Michael Katsidis the victory over Burns a couple of years ago. All I have to say is take of your blinkers and give credit where it’s due, you were the only person on the planet that gave Katsidis the win. Katsidis even admitted himself he was beaten by the better man.

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