Nonito Donaire vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux Likely Ends by KO

By Boxing News - 02/10/2013 - Comments

rigondeaux6By Ryan Wardle: There has been recent news of an alleged matchup between current WBO super bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire ( 31-1, 20 KO’s) and current WBA super bantamweight champion Guillermo Rigondeaux ( 11-0, 8 KO’s) scheduled for April 13th. This is a fight many fans have been clamoring to see and this fight should not disappoint.

When it comes to this bout, fight fans are split into two categories: those who are happy to see Donaire against a recognized opponent, so he can gain respect as a true champion, and those who are happy Rigondeaux has a chance to expose Donaire and show the world that he is the best super bantamweight. There is validity to both sides of the argument.

Donaire is recognized by most as the best super bantamweight in the world. He fought four times in 2012 and was also voted Fighter of the Year. His left hook is by far his best weapon and he lands it frequently with power and accuracy.

Rigondeaux comes from a large amateur background and has much experience despite having fought only 11 professional fights. He also possesses power, which is evident in his hard counter punches.

This fight should be exciting, but not in the way that Rios vs. Alvarado was exciting, where there were constant fireworks. Both fighters being counter punchers, you can expected fireworks, but not non-stop action as some fights produce. Look for most of the action to take place in hard quick, and hopefully frequent, exchanges. Both men will be looking for the other to give them an opening and then quickly try to take advantage of the opportunity.

The difference maker in this fight for Rigondeaux will be his body punches. He throws hard, damaging shots to the body and this could easily send Donaire to the canvas. If he can also take away Donaire’s left hook, his chances of winning go up exponentially.

Donaire’s difference maker in the fight will be the chin of Rigondeaux. He has, in the past, shown that his chin is not the strongest. He has had his knees buckle and been knocked down by guys with nowhere near the amount of power Donaire has.

Both warriors have the skills to stop their opponent and each also has vulnerabilities that they need to be aware of. Each fighter has the power and skill to end the fight at anytime. Just by analyzing the matchup, the biggest difference is the weak chin of Rigondeaux and because of that, Donaire gets a slight edge and likely a KO victory.

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