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Manny Paquiao – Floyd Mayweather Jr: How will history remember them?

mayweather43334By Tom Drury: My most recent article talked about the prospect of a Manny Pacquiao – Floyd Mayweather match-up and how it has lost all momentum and interest. I also expressed my opinion that the fight would be a mismatch in the favor of Mayweather. My opinion will not change as the facts prove Mayweather is the far superior fighter and would prove a step too far for the Filipino Pacquiao. We as fans enjoy nothing more than a debate on these two modern greats. This article will show legacies from early fights to the present day and hopefully show the gulf in class between these two men.

Many boxing fans will think I am a biased writer in favour of Mayweather (I’m not). I just know greatness when I see it as should others and I feel he doesn’t get the props he deserves due to the sometimes arrogant and dismissive personality he conveys. I also feel many fans will regret not looking past the sometimes arrogant Mayweather and appreciating the skills and greatness he puts on show when entering the ring.

As I’ve said before when Mayweather retires we will not see his kind for a very long time and there is no telling when a Mayweather like talent will arrive on the boxing scene in the future. A point I will make is we as fans sometimes hold opinions because of a personality and not the job they do or how well they do it. I understand Manny Pacquiao is a very humble person and easy to like. Many find him endearing due to his humble start in life, his charitable work among many other things. Many dislike Mayweather due to the cocky, flashy, brash exterior, but what you should remember is Mayweather also came from humble beginnings. He also gives a lot back through charity work and away from the camera obviously a doting father.

Mayweather is a salesman a marketing genius who backs it up in the ring. We should not dislike him for flaunting his life’s work. Pacquiao is also a great man that chooses to stay humble there is know wrong doing with how either man chooses to live there life, but I would like to clear something up and that is Floyd Mayweather is far superior as a fighter. These stats and facts will back that statement up.

Mayweather started his illustrious career at super-featherweight. He is now fighting at welterweight. I will start with Mayweather’s legacy from the year 2000 when he beat Emmanuel Augustus in a non-title fight at light-weight. Augustus was Mayweather’s twenty-fourth consecutive win.

25-0 Corrales, TKO, 2001
26-0 Hernandes, UD, 2001
27-0 Jesus Chavez, RTD 2001
28-0 Castillo, UD, 2002
29-0 Castillo, UD, 2002
30-0 Victoriano Sosa, UD, 2003
31-0 Phillip Ndou, TKO, 2003
32-0 Corley, UD, 2004
33-0 Henry Bruseles, TKO, 2005
34-0 Arturo Gatti, RTD, 2005
35-0 Mitchell, TKO, 2005
36-0 Zab Judah, UD, 2006
37-0 Baldomir, UD, 2006
38-0 Oscar De La Hoya, UD, 2007
39-0 Ricky Hatton, TKO, 2007

Two year lay off

40-0 Juan Manuel Marquez, UD, 2009
41-0 Shane Mosley, UD, 2010
42-0 Victor Ortiz, KO, 2011
43-0 Miguel Cotto, UD, 2012

Pacquiao has also had an illustrious career, that career started at light-flyweight, and reached the heights of light-middleweight, but Pacquiao resides at his preferred weight of welterweight now alongside Mayweather. I will start Pacquiao’s legacy from his Las Vegas debut in 2004 against the great Juan Manuel Marquez. The outcome of that fight was a draw. Take note that Pacquiao had been knocked out in 1996 against Rustico Torrecampo, knocked out in 1999 against Medgeon Singsurat and fought to a draw against Agapito Sanchez. After the Marquez fight in 2004, Pacquiao’s record looked like 38-2-2.

39-2-2 Thawatchal, TKO, 2004
L 39-3-2 Moralles, UD, 2005
40-3-2 Valasquez, TKO, 2005
41-3-2 Moralles, TKO, 2006
42-3-2 Larios, UD, 2006
43-3-2 Moralles, KO, 2006
44-3-2 Solis, KO, 2007
45-3-2 Barrera, UD, 2007
46-3-2 Marquez, SD, 2008
47-3-2 Diaz, TKO, 2008
48-3-2 Oscar De La Hoya, RTD, 2008
49-3-2 Ricky Hatton, KO, 2009
50-3-2 Miguel Cotto, TKO, 2009
51-3-2 Clottey, UD, 2010
52-3-2 Margarito, UD, 2010
53-3-2 Shane Mosley, UD, 2011
54-3-2 Marquez, MD, 2011
L 54-4-2 Bradley, SD, 2012
L 54-5-2 Marquez, KO, 2012

So with the two legacies, we have a fighter in Mayweather who is undefeated since the very start of his boxing career and a fighter that has fought to two draws and suffered five defeats. Three of those defeats coming by way of knockout. I’ll give Pacquiao his due he has had sixty one fights since starting his boxing career that is eighteen more fights than Mayweather. The question is would Mayweather have suffered exposure by knockout against the caliber of fighters Pacquiao has been knocked out by? I sincerely do not think so. Manny Pacquiao when fighting Oscar De La Hoya, Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto did so at catch-weights.The argument is all three of these fighters were weight-drained and weak at the catch-weight imposed. I agree, but I honestly believe Pacquiao didn’t need to impose the catch-weights I believe he would have beat these fighters without the catch-weights.

Mayweather made a mistake by making Marquez move two whole divisions to make the fight. Would the outcome have been different? Definitely not. It is one of, if not the biggest shut-out performance I have ever seen. He also fought a strong Miguel Cotto at light-middleweight. The difference in Cotto was undeniable from the Cotto we saw face Pacquiao. The legacies speak volumes the better opposition reside on Mayweather’s resume.

As I keep saying I’m sure when Mayweather has left the sport fans will realize the greatness they were witness to while he was active in his career. Mayweather stands alone in boxing. Pacquiao is a fighter that puts it all on the line and entertains the fans and public with his warlike fighting mentality but he should and will not be remembered alongside Mayweather Jr. He will be remembered alongside Marquez, Prince Naseem Hamed, Erik Morales, Arturo Gatti. The exciting fight in boxing is Mayweather matching up with Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez. Would Martinez win? Who knows? I don’t think so. What I do think is Martinez is the fighter who poses the biggest threat and will provide the biggest challenge to Mayweather. He has good movement, power and can box. Another interesting fight but is unlikely to happen is Mayweather vs Austin Trout. A Pacquiao, Mayweather fight while a mismatch would be a great advert for boxing due to there stature among hardcore, casual fans and the general public lets hope it does happen before they hang up the gloves. If not we will not suffer there are so many great possible match-ups out there.

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