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Floyd Mayweather Jr, Undisputed truth!

Floyd Mayweather Jr Mayweather vs. Guerrero Mayweather-GuerreroBy Tom Drury: The debate goes on. I have written numerous articles on Floyd Mayweather Jr. recently, articles based on his boxing resume, defining fights, personality and the great skills he possesses. I have had some fantastic feedback on these articles by boxing fans (not necessarily Mayweather fans) and proof due to the number of comments posted how we as fans like nothing more than a debate on Mayweather’s illustrious career.

I am going to begin by giving you a little information on myself, hoping to prove i am an unbiased writer. I boxed as an amateur for five years building a resume of 63-13. I thought about turning pro but quite frankly knew I wasn’t ever going to be good enough to make those big paydays or even live a comfortable life on the back of fighting wages. I have boxed since the age of ten, and ever since I have been a boxing fanatic following every part of the sport, going to amateur shows on a regular basis also pro fights. My favourite all time boxer is Sugar Ray Robinson.

In my opinion I felt that possessed the greatest set of skills to ever grace a boxing ring. Thomas “Hitman” Hearns and Floyd Mayweather Jr. come a close second to Sugar Ray, only in my opinion. Juan Manuel Marquez, Sergio Martinez, Manny Pacquiao, Andre Ward, Carl Froch (UK), Carl Frampton (IRE), are also among the fighters I follow. I have been lucky enough to witness some of these top fighters in action. I was ringside for (Pacquiao vs. Marquez III), (Mayweather vs. De La Hoya) (Mayweather vs. Mosley), (Pacquiao vs. Hatton), and (Martinez vs. Macklin). Do I claim to be a boxing expert? No. Does it give me a good insight? Yes.

Back to the article, Mayweather is criticized for how he earned is (1) pound for pound ranking and some believe “cheated” his way to the top of the sport. These assumptions are ridiculous. This article will show how Mayweather earned his spot as boxing’s top earner and best fighter on the planet by showing the status and credentials his opponents had at the time of fighting Mayweather Jr. I would like to add, “You don’t need a great boxing insight to respect and give credit for Floyd Mayweather’s achievements.” You just need to accept the facts and for those who have seen him fight in the flesh or bought his pay per view (ppv) events the proof is there first hand.

1. Diego Corrales – when this fight took place Corrales was (5) pound for pound, (1) ranked super-featherweight in the world, undefeated fighter that possessed knockout power and never touched the canvas in his professional career. Both fighters were the same age; Corrales had several advantages going into the fight; two inches in height, one inch reach and came into the fight outweighing Mayweather (Corrales 146lbs, Mayweather 136lbs). After the fight sports illustrated reported…..” a fistic masterpiece”. New york daily news…..”Floyd Mayweather Jr, displaying dazzling speed and punishing power”.

2. Jose Luis Castillo – This was Mayweather’s most controversial fight. Castillo at the time of the fight was WBC champion and (The Ring) (1) ranked lightweight in the world. Entering the fight once again Mayweather was outweighed, Castillo (147lbs) Mayweather (138lbs). Harold Lederman (HBO) had Castillo winning the fight 115-111, ESPN analyst (at the time) Max Kellerman disputed Lederman’s scoring, writing, “Harold Lederman (HBO) unofficial ringside television judge gave the third round to Castillo, which demonstrates that Mayweather suffers from the same scoring syndrome that afflicted (Pernell Whitaker). Mayweather is so seldom hit cleanly in his face that when a clean shot is landed against him it registers all out of proportion in the observers mind. Meanwhile, the three clean shots Mayweather just landed against his opponent do not make the same kind of impression”. However, Mayweather did rematch Castillo immediately (in true champion fashion) winning convincingly and removing all doubt.

3. Arturo Gatti – like it or not Gatti at the time had beat his opponents to become (1) ranked contender, deserving a shot at Mayweather Jr. Mayweather pulled off another “fistic masterpiece.” Gatti just could not compete with the skills and raw talent of Mayweather.

4. Oscar De La Hoya Oscar was a six division world champion and WBC light-middleweight champion. Mayweather was moving up in weight to the light-middleweight 154lbs weight limit, however entering the fight Mayweather weighed 150lbs.

5. Ricky Hatton -This was another undefeated fighter. Mayweather stated after the fight “Hatton was tenacious and one of my toughest fights” again Mayweather showing his class.

6. Shane Mosley – at the time of the fight Mosley was (3) pound for pound fighter in the world and coming off a win against Antonio Margarito. Mosley destroyed the Mexican in devastating fashion, prompting boxing experts to believe Mosley would be a dangerous fight for Mayweather.

7. Victor Ortiz – calls were being made for Mayweather to fight a young, hungry fighter? He did. Ortiz the WBC welterweight champion and (2) ranked welterweight fighter in the world.

8. Miguel Cotto – once again Mayweather moved up in weight to face Cotto, Cotto was WBA super-welterweight champion and (The Rings) (1) light-middleweight fighter in the world.

So there it is Mayweather’s claim to greatness, pound for pound (1) and best fighter on the planet. As you can see Mayweather has a career resume made up with wins over world champions, pound for pound ranked fighters, (1) ranked fighters/contenders and undefeated fighters. It doesn’t get better than that. In all of Mayweather’s most notable and defining fights he has been at a disadvantage in one way or the other, he has fought the best and beat the best.

Mayweather is rumored to be fighting Robert Guerrero in his next fight. Guerrero is (10) ranked pound for pound fighter in the world and just totally outgunned a genuine welterweight in Andre Berto? Still people criticize this opponent? I do have criticism for Mayweather but it has nothing to do with his greatness or position at the top of the sport (that criticism just can’t be justified). My criticism is Mayweather’s inactiveness and the way he ended the fight with Ortiz.

Mayweather would have won the fight easily. Ortiz was out of his depth, but what it does show is how sharp the fighting mind is of Mayweather (protect yourself at all times Victor). Another fact for fans to take into consideration is a fighter can only fight the best talent that surrounds him at that time. Mayweather has done this. Boxing is not the melting pot of great talent and genuine fighters it once was but no doubt Mayweather would have lived with the fighters of previous generations. He may not have been undefeated but he would have still emerged as a great.

Mayweather has not finished in the sport, not yet. His greatness can only get greater and there is possible mouth-watering match-ups to come in the future with, Saul Alvarez, Austin Trout, and Sergio Martinez. This article is challenging those fans that believe Mayweather is a “ducker” and has somehow cheated his way to the top of boxing and encouraging sensible, respectful comments based on this article. Remember the eight opponents mentioned and statistics are facts not opinion.

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