When will Deontay Wilder step up?

wilder213By Mark Calooke: To look at unbeaten heavyweight prospect Deontay Wilder’s record the average fan would be impressed. Unbeaten after 25 fights and all coming by stoppage. At 6 foot 7 inches tall and clad in tattoos, he looks the part. He can talk the talk but has always failed to walk the walk.

It’s not that he can’t fight or that he isn’t entertaining. But he is fighting well against mediocre opponents. Could he fight so well against a good boxer? What does he have to gain by stepping into a ring with Kelvin Price? Anything can happen in the heavyweight division but after 25 fights, it’s clear Wilder has wasted alot of time and not made much money. Most boxers have fought for a world title by his age. Throughout history there has been protected boxers. But none after 25 fights to this extreme. The sad thing is I don’t think Wilder wants to be protected. He is a fighter, he’s proud.

People are always eager to assert that the Heavyweight division is dead and buried. I laugh when I hear this. The division is alive and doing just fine. Germany has the Klitschko Brothers reigning supreme over the giants of the sport. England has David Price and Tyson Fury who are already facing better opposition than Wilder and look certain to get a title shot.

It’s impossible to feel sure that Wilder has the ability to become a champion. I believe he does have the talent. I would like to see him face a good heard test so his fans get to see a battle. I don’t think he could beat Price, but if he can beat Fury he has a valid claim to face a champion.

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