Rios: Arum already told me I’m getting Pacquiao-Marquez winner

By Boxing News - 12/05/2012 - Comments

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By Chris Williams: Former WBA World lightweight champion Brandon Rios came out in an interview with Radio Raheem and said he’s already been told by his promoter Bob Arum that he will indeed be fighting the winner of this Saturday night’s fight between Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao.

Here’s some of what Rios said in the interview with Radio Raheem:

“Bob Arum already said I get the winner of Marquez-Pacquiao, so I’m here to scout out everybody…I’m the new Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.”

It was hard to understand some of what Rios was saying because he sounded like he had a mouth full of bubblegum when he was speaking, at least I hope that’s what the problem was because I could barely understand what he was saying at times.

What would really mess Rios up is if Marquez ends up beating Pacquiao on Saturday, because I don’t think a Marquez-Rios fight would bring in huge numbers on pay per view like a Pacquiao vs. Rios fight would do. I’m thinking a Rios-Marquez fight would do in the neighborhood of 200,000 PPV buys at best, because there are a lot of boxing fans that probably won’t be eager to pay to see Rios fight. He’s not a big star, and I don’t think Marquez is a big enough star on his own to make up for what Rios lacks in bringing in fans.

I think Rios is dreaming if he thinks he’s the next Chavez Sr. He’s not even as good as Chavez Jr. in my view. The way that Rios got out-boxed by Richard Abril last April, I would think Chavez Sr. would be the last person Rios would be comparing himself to right now. I had Abril beating Rios by a 11 rounds to 1 score. It was that one-sided, and there are very few fans that saw Rios as the winner. He didn’t help himself by choosing not to give Abril a rematch, because when you win a fight as controversial as Rios did over Abril, you really need to get back in there to show boxing fans that it was just a fluke thing. But Rios didn’t do this, and he doesn’t plan on doing it either given that Arum has scheduled him to fight the Marquez-Pacquiao 4 winner.

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