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Pacquiao vs. Marquez IV. Pacman´s fans grieve

pac8By Gerardo Granados: In the eyes of many of his loyal fans Pacman was simply indestructible and no one could ever defeated him unless by the using illegal substances. At a lot of boxing sites you can read comments of sorrow and frustration of Pacquiao fans that express their sadness for having witnessed that his idol was human after all. Even a friend of mine who is a casual boxing fan knows that it was not a lucky punch.

But, was Pacman indestructible or was he a talented fighter who was brought up to stardom by a smart promoter? Maybe the young boxing fans don´t remember Pacquiao as a flyweight fighter but since then he draw the attention of fans with his violent attack and power. He was knocked out twice before his brutal and dramatic knockout loss to Marquez, if the readers have the time to look up for the video of flyweights Rustico Torrecampo and Midgeon Singsurat versus Manny to watch the fights you will see a normal fighter getting knocked out. Both fighters are average quality and none will be candidates to the boxing hall of fame, neither one can be considered as a heavy puncher, so how did they were able to knockout a fighter that for some is considered as the all time greatest? The 5´2” tall Torrecampo had a record of W11 (5)-L4-D5 (all his loses by the way of knockout) by the time he knocked out Pacquiao.

The skills involved, the timing and accuracy of the blow that knocked out Pacquiao will hardly repeat itself again by Marquez. Juan Manuel was able to hurt and wobble Pacman a couple of times in their previous three fights so he had the sufficient power to hurt him. Juan Manuel Marquez has won 55 fights and 40 by the way of knock out. To win by knockout you don’t have to be as powerful as Mike Tyson it only takes average power and accuracy of the punch. For instance James Kirkland lost via first round TKO to Japanese Nobuhiro Ishida who is not considered as a power puncher; so under the suspicious minds of pseudo boxing fans how could this had happened? Was it due boxing skills or by the use of illegal substances?

To suspect that Marquez used illegal substances is a calumnious act and Pacman has suffered from the same accusations in the past without any solid evidence. The major reason to suspect for some pseudo boxing fans is the physical trainer that Juan Manuel hired, but it was the same Heredia who has threatened to sue the ones who accuse him of doing anything illegal; Marquez has offered himself to take extra test to prove he is clean and also is considering to sue, so this is not the typical conduct of someone who is cheating. Wasn´t James Toney trained by Freddie Roach by the time he was suspended due use of illegal performance drugs? So, would these pseudo boxing fans suspect from both, and would they still suspect after the tests came out clean for both men?
Let’s not be naive, pro boxing is a business and the use of the new technology will always complement the traditional training just as now you can considered as old the weight lifting and plyometrics.

Pacman wasn’t indestructible, he is just a human being as Marquez is and both can get hurt or worst inside the ring, so please respect both men who risk their health to put meal on their table. Don’t spoil a fight that will be remembered for the ages.

Maybe the only fact is that Pacquiao didn´t make any excuses for his loss and stated that Juan Manuel achieved his physique by hard work; and is even eager to get in the ring for a fifth time against Marquez. And that may be the main reason why his loyal fans should accept that Marquez is clean and stop suspecting any wrong doing.

By the way I wish the readers to achieve all of their goals next year 2013

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