Pacquiao-Marquez 5: The Redemption

By Boxing News - 12/17/2012 - Comments

pac111By Juan dela Cruz: So much had been said about the Pac-Marquez saga, and many believed that the knock out suffered by Manny Pacquiao last December 8, 2012 at the Las Vegas, Nevada ended it all with Juan Manual Marquez having the upper hand. People thought that it was now clear, that Juan Manual Marquez was the better fighter after four fights.

I beg to disagree. Not because Pacquiao erred on that night makes Marquez better than him. Not because a fighter made a single mistake made the other fighter a lot better than his counterpart. The whole fight has to be looked upon to determine who the better fighter is. One big example is Lennox Lewis when he was knocked out by Hasim Rahman on 2:32 of the fifth round of their first outing at Carnival City Casino, Brakpan, Gauteng on April 22, 2001 after battering the American thus making him over confident, the same mistake committed by Pacquiao against Marquez. Does that made Rahman a better fighter than Lewis? No and absolutely not because Lennox avenged his lost by knocking Rahman out in the fourth round of their second fight on November of that year at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. The same as Pacquiao, Lennox was battering Rahman when, being over confident, opened himself up giving Rahman a chance to deliver a big blow that sent Lennox to canvass.

Marquez was bleeding profusely on that night and was gasping for air as he had a hard time taking in some breath. He was hurt by Pacquiao and was about to go down when Pacman erred in opening himself up. It was clear from the first round up the six that Pacquiao was way better than Marquez and there was no doubt about it. The only reason Pacquiao lost to Marquez was Freddie Roach’s fatal mistake in bringing back the old Pacquiao, strong, resilient, unafraid of his opponent, quick and packing in power who can threw bunch of punches effectively in any kind of angles. Freddie Roach made the mistake of also bringing back his carelessness, despite the fact that being careless made him exciting to watch. And Marquez capitalized on that, and was able to land the big punch that sent Pacquiao down.

Bob Arum, CEO of Top Rank made some hint that there would be a fifth fight between the two protagonists. And who would not want the fifth fight? All their fights, and I mean all, were all exciting fights that made the viewers on the edge of their seat. With more than 1.15 million in pay per views plus a sold out ring attendance on Pac-Marquez 4, the fifth fight can generate more, and Arum, as a wise businessman knew it, said he needs a larger venue to put it, the reason he was looking at Texas Cowboys’ Stadium to be the next setting. And what would the people expect? They can expect a fierce and the most exciting fight among their bouts. Manny Pacquiao will definitely bring back the old self sans his carelessness. Expect it to be more explosive, more entertaining, and more exciting. Remember, when haters say something against Pac, he tends to prove them wrong. When they say he’s gonna be eaten alive by Cotto, Dela Hoya, Hatton, Margarito and Mosley, the result was completely different. These larger and stronger opponents suffered the consequences of facing the Pacman, they lost in a different fashion (read: brutal). As Manny had promised to his countrymen after his arrival from that stunning loss, “We will rise again!”

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