Pacauiao lost because he’s got too many things going on in his life, says Lewkowicz

pac44By Chris Williams: Promoter Sampson Lewkowicz says he knew Manny Pacquiao was going to get knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez, and he also knew that Pacquiao would get beaten by Tim Bradley. Lewkowicz if were a betting man he’d have done quite well on Pacquiao’s last two fights because few boxing fans thought he would get knocked out by Marquez and even fewer thought he’d lose to Bradley.

Lewkowicz thinks Pacquiao has too many things distracting from the sport of boxing, and that’s why he feels he was beaten by Marquez and Bradley.

Lewkowicz said to “If you don’t give 100% to the sport, you will pay the price…You cannot be a congressman, an actor, a singer, and be a boxer.”

Lewkowicz is right. Pacquiao is like a full time student in school, and trying to be a boxer at the same time. He’s got way too much on his plate and all these things can’t be helping him. Trying to juggle a political career, singing, acting and boxing is just too much for Pacquiao. You can’t just forget the sport and then pick it up during training camp and hope to succeed.

It’s probably too late for Pacquiao to drop all those things and still succeed because the knockout loss to Marquez could hurt Pacquiao in the future when he starts getting hit again by making him more vulnerable. Also he’s had so many things going on in his life for so long that it’s going to be next to impossible for him to disentangle himself from all of them.

He’s just too busy and he’s not going to get less busy even though he got knocked out. Pacquiao is still a hero in the Philippines, and his busy life will stay busy, and he’ll probably get knocked out again in his next fight.

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