If Marquez lands another big right hand on Pacquiao’s chin it might be over

By Boxing News - 12/30/2012 - Comments

marquez562By Chris Williams Sometimes fighters don’t realize when they’ve bit off more than they can chew until it’s way too late. Manny Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach said repeatedly before Pacquiao’s fourth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez that he didn’t like the fight and that he wished Pacquiao had chosen someone else.

Unfortunately, Pacquiao and his promoter went full steam ahead and selected Marquez for a fourth fight despite the warnings signals being there ahead of time in the form of Pacquiao getting a gift decision in his November fight with Marquez, and losing his fight before that against Tim Bradley. Pacquiao ignored the warning signals and took the fight and we saw what happened to him. He got knocked out cold by a right hand from Marquez in one of the best knockouts you’ll ever see.

Pacquiao is now looking to fight Marquez again for a fifth fight despite the inherent danger involved. Marquez is like a hungry beast and he’s going to hurt Pacquiao if he makes the mistake of getting in the ring with the powerful Mexican fighter. I don’t want to see the Filipino get put in the hospital if he gets knocked out again by Marquez. This is a sport after all, and you want the guy to be able to get up after he gets knocked out.

Pacquiao’s legions of followers are adamant in their belief that it was a lucky punch that Marquez landed to knock Pacquiao out in the 6th. They believe that had Marquez not hit Pacquiao with that shot then Pacquiao would have finished him off in two or three rounds. I don’t buy that crazy belief for a second.

Marquez knocked Pacquiao out because he hit him with one of his hard right hands, and the same thing will happen if Pacquiao makes the mistake of fighting Marquez again. Marquez isn’t going to all of a sudden lose his newfound strength. That power is going to stay there and if anything he’ll be even stronger for their next fight. What do you thinks going to happen when Marquez connects with one of his big rights or left hooks on Pacquiao’s possibly deteriorated chin? We’ll likely see Pacquiao nosedive to the canvas and land flat on his face again for another knockout loss.

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