Broner’s dad: We know Ricky Burns is going to vacate rather than fight Adrien

By Boxing News - 12/06/2012 - Comments

Image: Broner’s dad: We know Ricky Burns is going to vacate rather than fight AdrienBy Scott Gilfoid: Adrien Broner’s dad thinks that WBO lightweight champion Ricky Burns (35-2, 10 KO’s) will choose to vacate his title rather than face WBC lightweight champion Adrien Broner (25-0, 21 KO’s) and get beat. Broner’s dad thinks Burns ran from Broner last year when Broner was on the verge of fighting Burns for his WBO super featherweight title.

Burns vacated the strap and then moved up in weight to the lightweight division, and picked up the WBO lightweight strap outside of the ring.

Broner’s dad said to “Now we’re coming for him [Burns] at 135. We know he’s going to give up the belt and not fight us, so we’re prepared for that.”

Oh, that would be so sad if Burns vacated again rather than fight Broner. Yeah, I know Burns said he couldn’t make the super featherweight limit last time he was cornered by Broner, but it would be such a sorry disappointment if Burns can suddenly no longer make weight for 135 just when he’s about to fight Broner, his first real meaningful fight of his career.

The thing is I don’t think Burns will vacate his World Boxing Organization strap because Broner isn’t mandatory. He’s just another champion trying to get a unification bout. Burns can choose to not fight Broner for the rest of his career and the WBO won’t strip Burns of his strap unless Broner wants to give up his World Boxing Council lightweight title and then become Burns’ mandatory.

That’s not going to happen because if Burns won’t fight Broner for a unification bout, then I can’t see him fighting Broner if he becomes his mandatory challenger either.

Broner needs to move on immediately as soon as he hears the words “no sale” from Burns for a unification bout, because there are bigger fights than this at light welterweight and welterweight than wasting time trying to chase down a fight against a reluctant champion. My feelings are if Broner had problems trying to get a fight with Burns before, he’ll likely have the same problem when he tries to line up a fight with Burns next year.

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