Ariza wants Pacquiao to take a tune-up before facing Marquez in 5th fight

By Boxing News - 12/17/2012 - Comments

ariza56By Chris Williams: Alex Ariza, the strength and conditioning trainer for Manny Pacquiao, wants to put Pacquiao back on his old strength regimen that he had him on in the past, and then Ariza wants Pacquiao to fight a tune-up bout before facing Juan Manuel Marquez in a 5th fight next year.

Ariza thinks one of the major reasons that Pacquiao lost to Marquez was because Marquez was the better conditioning fighter due to his strength and conditioning coach Angel Hernandez building up Marquez’s during the training camp. Marquez focused more on building strength and developing his conditioning instead of using that time for boxing training. Marquez took a lot of time out of his boxing training in order to focus on building his strength, and Ariza feels that’s why he was able to knock Pacquiao down twice in the fight and stop him.

Ariza said to “I would want Manny to adopt the strength and conditioning program all over again from day one. Then I’d like him to have a tune-up fight to get familiar with the feeling again. After that then fight Marquez.”

Good luck, Ariza. Pacquiao probably won’t agree to follow Ariza’s strength and conditioning program again because he wasn’t happy with the muscles that he was putting on because he felt that they were slowing him down in his movements around the ring. As such, it’s not likely that he’ll go back to Ariza’s program even though it actually might help him develop some strength.

Pacquiao did fight well at times against Marquez in their fifth fight, but his shots weren’t going to hurt Marquez enough for him to take him out early in the fight, and that’s what Pacquiao needed in order to keep from getting hit as much by Marquez’s harder shots. Marquez has really increased his strength from his work with Angel Heredia and you could see the impact of his strength with his two knockdowns of Pacquiao.

Ariza has kind of been the forgotten man in the Pacquiao camp, because with Pacquiao focusing more on his boxing training, he’s not working with Ariza like he used to in order to develop his power.

Ariza thinks that Pacquiao was beaten by modern science in Marquez’s win, because he’s using modern training for his strength and conditioning, whereas Pacquiao is just using the same stone age boxing training that fighters have been using for many years.

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