Mayweather/Marquez 2…..Anyone?

Image: Mayweather/Marquez 2…..Anyone?By Robert Elmore: The 4th installment of Manny Pacquiao versus Juan Manuel Marquez is not sitting well with too many boxing fans. Marquez has taken Pac to the brink, but has come up short on three occasions. It seems that Pacquiao cannot separate himself from his nemesis.

It also had become apparent that Marquez did not and has not called for a rematch against undefeated WBC welterweight /WBA junior middleweight champion Floyd Mayweather and neither has the public. In 2009, after a two year layoff, Mayweather dominated Marquez for 12 rounds. He landed a record setting 69 percent of his punches while Marquez landed 12 percent of his.

True enough, Marquez was a lightweight when he challenged Floyd and was made to choose to come up to the welterweight division for his biggest pay day. True enough, Mayweather did not come in on the contract catch weight of 144 pounds and he paid a hefty fine. But Floyd’s skill level was apparent. Keep in mind that Marquez was rated number 3 on the pound for pound list at that time.

Marquez returned to the lightweight division and destroyed Juan Diaz. But didn’t Pacquiao make this same lightweight come up to welterweight when they fought for a third time? And now, Marquez is coming up in weight again for their 4th fight. Marquez not calling for a rematch with Floyd says a lot about Floyd’s skill. Marquez knows what will happen if the two met again. But for some reason, he is able to give Pac all he can handle. But if a rematch between Floyd and Marquez did happen again, the results would be the same and knockout might ensue.

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