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Boxing Needs a “Manny Pacquiao” – Pt 2

Manny PacquiaoBy Glenn Findlay: As a UK ardent student of the sweet science for over 27 years, growing up on Mike Tyson in his ultimate prime; most imperatively is the impeccable attacking style to which Manny Pacquiao has taken on the globes most preeminent fighters. Make no mistake; for a diminutive square realm of 5 foot 6, going “toe to toe” his entire career from 122lbs to 165lbs has to take its toll entering 34 in December.

Basically, he should be pretty much “shot, washed up and done” in the relentless fists of fury philosophy he has garnered to such explosive, dynamic semtex fruition but was “anything but” in the impressive display of rapid speed he illustrated at times against against Bradley. For comparison, just look at the present-day, heart-rending sight of the combatant legend that was Erik Morales and his similar tirade of infuriating flying leather. A tragic end for such a proud, pugilist that garnished out such an unbridled, glorious career path for himself.

The haters of Manny can jealousy embark on an envious, verbal snake-tongue mission of “catchweights” to tarnish his legacy. Why not chat to Sugar Ray Leonard about them instead…another boxing fraud just like Manny eh? The haters can talk about Floyd’s boxing brain, born in a boxing family from birth would de-rail Manny’s attack…ok then Floyd, step up, more importantly; man up and fight the greatest offensive fighter of our generation rather than duck, issue delirious demands, unrealistic offers and evade our generational super-fight? Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk. Look at the “four kings of the 1980’s” Hagler, Hearns, Ray Leonard and the great Roberto Duran, who battled through withering assaults against each other with a resolute mentality of “there is no shame in losing; there is shame in not fighting each other for fear of losing”.

Floyd “schools” boxers with immense defensive, slick skills but leaving their fighting spirit firmly intact. Manny Pacquiao doesn’t just steal the seemingly impregnable fighting heart of a boxer…he obliterates their entire soul inside the four ropes of a boxing ring. Usually within a sky-scraping intense first four rounds, dictating pure, counter-punching “survival” mode tactics in his befuddled, antagonistic ring rival for the remainder of the brawling but beautifully violent conflict. This is the key to Manny winning fights; he always re-gains and dominates the centre of the ring therefore immediately he is the one in charge, on the attack for the majority of rounds. Even against Bradley and Marquez; their counter-punching was only to keep him at bay…not forcing him back and certainly not winning the fight.

For Manny, there is now nothing else to prove. No more to acclaim; all roads must now lead to Floyd Mayweather Jnr and Floyd Mayweather Jnr only, to firmly cement the icing on the career cake. Unfortunately, Floyd has persistently set up as many road blocks and obstacles on this particular dicey road to de-rail any two-fisted train-wreck heading his relentless way in the form of human typhoon from the proud island of the Philippines.

Just like Muhammad Ali before him, Manny Pacquiao represents and embodies more than just boxing, transcending the sport to millions. He will always be held in the highest regard and hold a special place in the treasured hearts of true, sincere boxing fans around the globe. Nobody is claiming the man walks on water; nobody is professing he’s untouchable, infallible even; above the other greats of boxing…the man is as humble and as human as us all. What I am vehemently petitioning is; Emmanuel Dapridan Pacquiao is and has always has been an absolute credit to our beloved sport, a class act; as electrifying a fighter as any in history, a modern-day gladiator and “the peoples champion” deserved better than what transpired back on June 9th 2012.

Appreciate him while he’s still here because believe you me; in 18 months time when this legend of the ring throws down his blood-thirsty gloves, marches heroically off into a tranquil boxing sunset to attempt to accomplish even bigger goals of life, there will be a colossal void to fill of titanic proportions. These special types of boxers with exceptional skills, ground-breaking styles and extraordinary battle-hardened souls come along once in a generation…if we are fortunate. This special type of fighter may only come along once in history. Never forget, no-one will ever be bigger than the sport of gods; nobody, no fan, no promoter, no fighter…but boxing needs a Manny Pacquiao.

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