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Amir Khan must continue fighting

Amir Khan Danny Garciaby M. Khan: Why should Amir Khan comeback, and what must he do different? Boxing needs fighters like Khan, a fighter that can create a vast fan base, excitement and controversy.

Watching the fight last night and recapping Khan’s boxing career, I could not help but to accept some known facts about Amir Khan’s
reign in the boxing game. Everything that Khan could learn in boxing, he did. He’s just a little weak on defense. Still, we have to give him an ‘A’ for being an excellent boxer and technician with EXCELLENT speed. He is not the smartest fighter but has the potential to become smart, which I think he can still develop.

When it comes to HEART, he gets an A+ for giving his best even when he knows his only flaw which is taking a punch. We must admit that even that he knows himself that a hard puncher would get him out of there. He takes his chances in the ring, creating great interest for the haters of him. Even his fans are sitting at the edge of their seat hoping, he does not get hit.

We cannot BASH Khan for something that he cannot develop, which is the inability to take a punch. BUT we must give him PROPS for never fighting like a scared fighter and always took chances in the ring. Even when he got hurt in fights, he used the only defense he knew, move and run, but still took chances. Never started a fight scared and always took chances, like last night. But still I believe last nights knockout punch from Garcia was a punch that was thrown MAYBE on timing BUT looks more like a lucky punch where both fighters did not see it coming. especially Garcia with his eyes CLOSED.

We cannot forget that Khan had his supporters as well as his haters sitting at the edge of their seat every time he fought. Some wishing for the knockout of Amir and some hoping for him not to get hit.

Khan should not quit boxing, but what he should do is if he ever gets hit again, he should not get up if he knows he is still hurt. That’s the ONLY thing he should do different, so that he does not suffer injuries that can follow him after boxing.

I would like to see him stay at the same weight class and continue to fight top fighters BUT first we know he needs to learn a little defense, not because of last nights knock out, but because in the future. All fighters will be fixed on only knocking him out, and will pressure him in fights.

Look for Khan to return to the ring in Nov or Dec this year against Lamont Peterson.

We as fans of BOXING must admire and appreciate the excitement that Khan brings to the fight game, whether we like him or hate him. For whatever reason, he makes us look forward to his fights. Let’s admit, would you not rather see Khan vs. Garcia than Dereck Chisora vs. David Haye? Would you not rather see Tim Bradley vs. Khan?
Yes, that fight still sounds good, because Khan might be able to take Bradley’s punches. Still, we would like to see this fight.
Because I just awoke the curiosity that Khan brings to his fans and haters.

Remember, Khan might be the only fighter that has created excitement in all of his last 5 fights. More than most top fighters do.

Welcome back Amir, boxing needs you.

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