Is Price waiting out the Klitschkos?

Image: Is Price waiting out the Klitschkos?By Scott Gilfoid: Last night unbeaten heavyweight prospect David Price (13-0, 11 KO’s) defeated Sam Sexton (15-3, 6 KO’s) by a 4th round TKO in Aintree. This was yet another one of the 28-year-old Price’s over-matched opponents from the 3rd tier that he’s been padding his record with.

After the fight the 28-year-old Price seemed to indicate that he’s in no real hurry to step it up against quality opposition, saying to Sky Sports News “I’ve got to take my time of course but I’ve got to take a gradual step up.”

Price’s promoter Frank Maloney seemed to be in lockstep behind Price on the idea of him taking it slow, saying “He’s got to take his time, we’re in no rush.”

My question is why isn’t Price in a rush? I mean, he’s about to turn 29-years-old in July, so what’s the problem? Is he waiting out the Klitschkos until they get old and retire? Is that the idea?

When you compare what the Klitschkos accomplished to what Price has at the same age it’s pretty significant how far behind them Price is. At 24, Wladimir was already the WBO World heavyweight champion. Vitali accomplished the task at 27. But in looking at Price, who is about to turn 29, it sounds like he may be in his 30s by the time he fights for a world title. What’s the problem? When you have a fighter with Olympic credentials like Price, it should mean that his career is pushed at a faster pace with him facing better opposition a lot sooner. I know he was a little older than Wladimir when he turned pro, but that’s all the more reason to start facing better opposition sooner rather than later. When you got a big heavyweight like Price, these types of fighters sometimes come up with injury after injury when they reach their 30s. It’s best to try and get the most out of them while they’re still young in their 20s, before they start breaking down on you left and right.

Here we have 21-year-old Saul Alvarez holding down the WBC junior middleweight title. His handlers weren’t afraid to move him up quickly for a title shot. George Foreman was a heavyweight world champion at 25. So what’s the problems with Price? His chin probably isn’t going to get any better as he gets older.

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