Danny Garcia: Brandon Rios is no good; Victor Ortiz would KO him in the 1st round

By Boxing News - 04/16/2012 - Comments

Image: Danny Garcia: Brandon Rios is no good; Victor Ortiz would KO him in the 1st roundBy Dan Ambrose: In the past former WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz and Brandon Rios have had words with one another, and there appears to be general dislike between them. Danny Garcia, Ortiz’s trainer, recently had the opportunity to watch Rios’ fight with Richard Abril last Saturday night and he didn’t like what he saw. He thought Rios lost the fight, and he thinks he’d be one of Ortiz’s easiest fights.

Garcia said this to the Koncrete Jungle: “To me, Brandon looked really dumb. He didn’t show anything…He didn’t get ready for that [the Abril fight]. He didn’t know how to fight on the inside…[Ortiz would beat Rios by a] 1st round knockout. Brandon is not the type of fighter for that level. He’s not that good. He’s not good at all…For me he lost the fight. They gave it to him. For Victor, it would be his easiest fight ever…Come on, he’s no good.”

If someone had asked whether Ortiz would wipe out a fighter like Rios before his last two fights against Abril and John Murray, most people would likely say no. But not now. Rios has really gone down as of late and looked terrible. Garcia is pointing out what a lot of boxing fans are saying about Rios. He didn’t look like he knew what to do and he couldn’t fight on the inside.

He just didn’t look any good. Had that been a big powerful slugger like Ortiz in there with Rios last Saturday night, Rios would have been in a world of hurt. He doesn’t have Ortiz’s hand speed or his power and he’d be taking serious punishment for as long as it lasts. Garcia doesn’t think Rios will do well at 140, and he’s talking about hearing things about Rios moving up to 147. He doesn’t see him as having the talent to compete at that level.

Rios is going to have to be matched carefully by Arum from now on unless he’s looking to cash out with the guy. Arum can’t just throw Rios in with anybody at 140, because there are so many of them that would handle Rios fairly easily. The light welterweight division already has Rios-like fighters such as Marcos Maidana and Lucas Matthysse, and they do everything that Rios does but better. You throw Rios in with one of those guys and he’s going to get butchered. Matthysse would likely out-box him and make him look foolish, while Maidana would bludgeon Rios into submission with his big shots.Rios can hit hard at 135, but he doesn’t have Maidana or Matthysse like power.

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