Andre Ward shocked by Rios – Abril decision

By Boxing News - 04/15/2012 - Comments

Image: Andre Ward shocked by Rios - Abril decisionBy Scott Gilfoid: WBA/WBC super middleweight talent Andre Ward was completely shocked and disappointed in the HORRIBLE decision rendered last night in the Richard Abril – Brandon Rios fight in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rios won the fight, but fought well enough to two or three rounds at best on many of the boxing fans’ scorecards. I personally gave Rios a couple of mercy rounds because I felt sorry for the guy, but in truth, I thought he deserved none.

Ward said this on his twitter about the TERRIBLE Rios gift decision over Abril: “I’m shocked!! Absolutely shocked!!! This is what hurts our sport!!! Feel bad for Abril!!”

So true, so true. I completely agree with you, Mr. Ward. I couldn’t have said it better myself. It was an embarrassment for our sport and it somehow cheapens it when you see decisions like this that go against the boxing public. What can you say? It’s just another block eye for boxing and it’s just too bad it hast to happen. I’ve seen some really crazy decisions in the last few years, most notably the very, very questionable decision Carl Froch got against the talented Andre Dirrell in October 2009.

That one goes down in my memory bank as the all time worst decision I’ve ever had the displeasure to see. But last night’s fight between Abril and Rios ranks high on my list of the robberies I’ve seen. I do feel sorry for Abril because the guy fought his heart out, deserved the WBA interim lightweight title and definitely deserved the $50,000 smackers that he would have received had he won the fight. Bob Arum should just give Abril the cash anyway as a complimentary gift for having to experience that terrible decision loss.

I had a feeling that Rios would still win even if he got out-boxed. He’s backed by a huge promoter and he was the name guy. Abril was being served up as fodder for him. He wasn’t supposed to win, but he flipped the script and brought out to the light all of Rios’s flaws for everyone to see. It wasn’t pretty, believe me. Rios can’t fight much as we saw and this will likely be the beginning of the end for Rios. He can still keep fighting but he’s going to be losing – or winning similar controversial decisions.

As for Ward, he could be back in action on June 2nd in Oakland, California. There still isn’t an opponent picked out for the fight, but they’re searching far and wide to look for a talent to step in the ring with him on that night.

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