Fury fights for the vacant Irish heavyweight title against Rogan on 4/14

By Boxing News - 03/28/2012 - Comments

Image: Fury fights for the vacant Irish heavyweight title against Rogan on 4/14By Sean McDaniel: Undefeated heavyweight Tyson Fury (17-0, 12 KO’s) marches to the beat of his own drum finding value where few other people see any importance. The 23-year-old Fury vacated his British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles rather than to face David Price.

Fury is now seeking the vacant Irish heavyweight title against 40-year-old Martin Rogan (14-2, 7 KO’s) next month on April 14th. For Fury, winning the Irish heavyweight title is the equivalent of him winning an Olympic Gold medal for Ireland, which is something Fury wish he had been given the opportunity. Getting a win over Rogan obviously won’t be seen by the rest of the world as the same as Fury winning a gold medal.

In truth, the win will likely be forgotten almost immediately and it won’t be something that brings Fury a lot of praise due to Rogan’s advanced age and his lack of experience and tough opposition since losing two fights against Sam Sexton.

Rogan has a real chance here to spoil the party for Fury by landing a big shot on his chin that could take him out. Fury has shown vulnerability to big shots in his fights against John McDermott, Dereck Chisora, Nicolai Firtha and Neven Pajkic. Rogan may not hit as hard as Chisora, but he can still punch pretty good and his shots are a lot straighter and more likely to connect to Fury compared to Chisora’s typically wide punches that are badly telegraphed and easy to avoid.

Rogan needs to take the fight to Fury and try and take him out while he’s still got a little fuel in the fuel tank. If Rogan can’t get to Fury by the 6th round, then the chances will be slim that Rogan will be able to have any luck getting the 6’9″ Fury out of there. Rogan needs to be willing to go out on his shield for him to have a chance at beating Fury.

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