Vitali: You have to be born as a heavyweight; you can’t eat your way there like Adamek

By Boxing News - 09/08/2011 - Comments

Image: Vitali: You have to be born as a heavyweight; you can't eat your way there like AdamekBy Dan Ambrose: Photo Credit: Mike Gladysz – Tomasz Adamek has eaten his way up to the heavyweight division, and been helped to get a title shot against WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko by being matched against pretty much weak C level heavyweights. On Saturday, Adamek fights Vitali in Poland in a fight that Adamek really stands no chance at winning.

At best, Adamek will lose by a lopsided 12 round decision and lose every round of the fight. At worst, Adamek will be taken out in the first two rounds of the fight.

Vitali isn’t very impressed with Adamek, saying “You have to be born as a heavyweight. Tomasz Adamek has only grown into the division by eating like a heavyweight.”

It’s true unfortunately. Adamek looks like a puffy light heavyweight, and not like a true heavyweight contender. His body is short and over-muscled for his small frame. It’s like taking a big engine and putting it on a small volkswagen and expecting the car to beat a dragster like Vitali. Adamek doesn’t have the strength to go along with his new muscles he’s put on for this fight, and we’ve seen Adamek’s lack of heavyweight power in his fights against C level heavyweights Vinny Maddalone, Michael Grant and Kevin McBride recently. Adamek is going to be forced to run around the ring to keep from getting knocked out against Vitali, and what this will obviously lead to is Adamek taking terrible punishment to the head.

It’s going to be a bloody massacre. My hope is the referee stops the fight once Adamek is cut up, because I don’t want this to be a blood bath. Adamek would have his hands full if he were to face a good bottom 10 contender like Tyson Fury, but against Vitali there’s just no change for Adamek. Vitali is superior in every facet of his game compared to Adamek, and this is going to be clear after the first minute of action on Saturday night. There are levels in boxing, and Adamek should have never gotten to this level had he faced some good heavyweights instead of the rag-tag bunch that he ended up facing.

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