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Tommy Morrison in jail, needs help from fans

By Darren Barcomb: The Tommy Morrison saga took another strange turn recently as the Duke was arrested in Tennessee on an outstanding fugitive warrant from Kansas. After a stay in a Tennessee jail, Morrison has now been transferred to Sedgwick County, Kansas to face drug charges stemming back to a 2010 arrest.

Life has been difficult for the 42 year old Morrison, as he has lived in the shadow of a 1996 HIV positive test result that has ruined his life; and even more alarming is the fact that he now believes he does not even have such a virus.

Since a comeback was started in 2006, there have been many licensing hurdles for Morrison to face and many fights have had to be cancelled. Undaunted, Morrison still hopes to return to the ring to reclaim his heavyweight title, but this last arrest is another setback to any such plans.

Currently, Morrison is in jail awaiting further court proceedings. Bail has been set and legal counsel must be obtained. As many know, recent times have not been financially kind to Morrison, and he is in dire need of fan support. Over the years Morrison has been generous to the public by training youngsters and raising money for charitable causes. Perhaps it’s time for Karma to kick in and for the Duke to catch a break for once with some generous support.

Morrison’s wife Trisha “The Duchess” Harding had been anxiously awaiting his release and has been fighting the battles from afar, as she has been afforded very little contact with him since the arrest. She has been spending her days trying to get Morrison out of jail where he will be safe and secure so they can get on with their life. According to Harding, “He has nothing left – but ME and YOU if you will help. He is a FIGHTER….he will FIGHT this depression and needs YOUR help now.”

The drug charges that have had Morrison incarcerated since August are for marihuana possession back in 2010, charges that had been dropped but have somehow re-appeared. The Duke will have to answer the charges in court, and that day will come, but his lengthy stay in jail up to this point seems un-needed. Harding pleads “Go to TOMMYTHEDUKEMORRISON.COM and go on to SHOP link and order a PAIR OF SHORTS worth $149. I can process this account and he can call the bank directly to issue monies to the ATTORNEY & BAILBONDSMAN.”

It really is that easy fight fans. If you support the Duke and want to remain in his corner, hop onto his website and buy some autographed memorabilia. Not only will you own a valuable piece of history, but you will also be able to say you backed the Duke when he needed it most.

Once Morrison is out of jail and this legal mess is straightened out, he will be free to resume his quest to return to the sport he loves, and that in reality is what the fans crave as well. In order to see that sinister left hook set someone else down for a ten count, people need to rally behind the champ.

Morrison’s legal troubles stem from years of depression and anxiety from being barred from Boxing and being labeled with a virus he insists he does not have. In a study completed this month by Andrew Maniotis, PhD. Medical/Science Consultant, it is documented that Morrison underwent medical and blood testing as recently as July of this year. According to the findings, “the most recent complete blood work tests he generated were normal except for an anemic condition. His T-cell counts are also in the normal range despite being given a death sentence 15 years ago.” No one in the medical or Boxing world seems able to accept the possibility that Morrison is not sick after all. We’ve all gone through rough patches of life and it’s not too hard to determine the root of Morrison’s problems; the stigma and depression associated with his “test results” and subsequent banishment.

The false diagnosis from 1996 sent Morrison into a dangerous spiral of events that would shape his life in a negative manner. Currently Morrison is free from drug use, and that is actually why he recently moved to Tennessee, to get away from evil temptations. He has now been through rehab and has beaten his drug habit and should be commended for it. It’s not easy to admit and confront a drug problem, but Morrison has done just that.

The Maniotis research project should open many eyes with regards to Morrison’s health status, but right now HIV and Boxing should not be the topic of the day. Instead, getting the Duke out of jail is a priority for his supporters. Being a two-time heavyweight champion has its perks, but also makes him a target by tough guy wanabees in lockup.

It’s time to band together to get Duke home to his wife, and let the judicial process run its course. Then and only then will Morrison be able to get back to business and entertain his legions of fans as only he can. Tommy Morrison remains captive over an old marihuana charge and is being held on $50,000 bail; doesn’t that seem a bit excessive? But then again, nothing is simple or as it appears with regards to Morrison, whose fighting spirit will guide him through this. My web-site purchase has been placed, please consider doing the same.

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