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Mayweather vs. Ortiz: Is Floyd ducking Pacquiao? – Pt 4

By Glenn Findlay: Follow that with an interview on you-tube back in 2005, where Manny reveals his problems giving blood before engaging with Morales. This evidence emerged years before any allegations of PEDS even came to light. Clear and concise objective substantiated proof that could hold its own in a court of law of any land, of any city, of any country; of any continent. Therefore; with the biggest fight of a generation looming…someone please enlighten me how Manny Pacquiao can adopt this inherent risk; how exactly can he agree? He cannot. It is an impossibility for a boxer crossing the threshold of battle into the biggest fight of generations.

This is the imperative point at the crux-core, hindering quandary to our generational super-fight. Floyd Mayweather firmly knew Manny Pacquiao was weakened when giving blood days before the Morales fight; firmly knew….as has been proven, that he is just as mentally sharp outside the ring to what he is in it. Hence, by amending the random drug testing from an initial smokescreen of fourteen to seven days; to then stipulating this insistent random testing demand up to fight night, he immediately massacres the nullification of the super-fight ever taking place. Ever. His contemptible “cleaning up the sport” bare-faced lies are gobbled up by the gullible naive; his co-incidental retirements allow him breathing space away from the impending “P4P” media storm of the name “Manny Pacquiao” in ne-on lights; his fragile ego is boosted and the actual super-fight in reality, is the furthest thought from his mind.

To now finance Floyd’s PPV events is to endorse his “ducking”; and condemn the super-fight we all so much desire in our boxing souls into eternal obliteration. To outrageously deny Floyd is ducking Manny Pacquiao is to be labelled with “naive” on your gravestone in carved cement concrete. When the poignant day arrives at the door of Manny Pacquiao’s retirement…and Floyd can rest easy, perpetually boast about his zero record, rant on Twitter how he would have crushed Manny Pacquiao effortlessly, any boxing fan that yearns for our generational super-fight that financed his PPV events going forth should hang their head in shame.

Never ever forget; our generational super-fight is not materialising because one fighter chose to restrict the bout, by initiating un-substantiated rumours from a heritage lineal family of convicted criminal felons and consigning these un-founded slanders above the actual governing bodies and their laws that run the entire sport. Pacquiao and his team have seemingly, tried their utmost within the boxing state laws to determine this fight into a reality. To negotiate at length, agreed to random tests that they don’t lawfully have to; have tendered tens of millions to Floyd…to at least quabble over drug-testing affairs; have even called out Mayweather and his team, so therefore have to be exonerated of blame in this particular instance; if not in other issues.

“I am the champion, I have the belts and I should not be the one challenging you. I should not even be the one trying to make this fight happen. But Pacquiao vs. Mayweather is what everyone wants… that’s why I am calling out your names (King and Mayweather). My promoter Bob Arum will be waiting for your call and will be very happy to hear what you have to say. The sooner, the better…this is the only way for Mayweather to save face. He claims he is the best. He says he is No. 1. There is only one way to prove his greatness and that is to face me. I should be ready by November,” – Manny Pacquiao quote “Kumbinasyon” in website.

Remember; it should not be Pacquiao’s team attempting to make this fight; not when he is sitting at the top of the objective boxing world…it should be Mayweather yielding this fight; wholly and simply. Attempt to de-throne the king by trading money-shots inside a boxing ring or retire. We wished to glimpse the two most distinguished, illustrious warriors in the world at their peak of their powers…instead; we will end up witnessing the diminishing skills of two ring legends; if it ever happens at all. I have sincere mis-givings when one has been un-deniably proven that he is consistently un-willing to enter into stirring conflict with the un-disputed “P4P” King in Manny Pacquiao. Whichever side of the fence you sit on; the defensive mastermind versus the humble warrior…..both legions of fans are suffering in this jumbling disarray. When all the bickering fractions of both sets of loyal devotees are over; when the arguments have surrendered; when peace has finally broken out between Mayweather and Pacquiao fanatics…there are no winners; only losers in this whole sorry mess.

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