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Haye clowns Wladimir in HBO face to face with Kellerman

David Haye Wladimir KlitschkoBy Dave Lahr: I just finished watching the HBO face to face with Wladimir Klitschko, David Haye and Max Kellerman, and I got to say that Haye really clowned Wladimir bad in the the special. Haye made Wladimir look almost silly and tongue tied. It’s good thing that Wladimir isn’t forced to do a lot of these face to face meetings with Haye because Wladimir came off really bad.

I thought for a second he was start crying when Kellerman started mentioning the demented t-shirt that Haye had put together depicting Haye holding cut off heads of Vitali Klitschko and Wladimir. Wladimir got real quiet and didn’t say much after Kellerman brought that up, leaving the rest of the interview to be dominated by Haye. It was already being dominated by Haye, but Wladimir was pretty much knocked out when the decapitated head stuff was brought up. He looked like a little boy that had his feelings hurt, and Haye was enjoying every moment of it.

Here’s some of the zingers that Haye was saying “He’s clearly a d*ckhead. He doesn’t have a f****ng clue what he’s talking about. Just jabbering on about absolutely nothing. The fact is your getting knocked unconscious. You’re going to be crawling around on the floor like you was against Corrie Sanders, like you was against Lamon Brewster. Your going to get that same shock. ‘He’s coming to get me.’ I am going to break you down, slow you down and take you out. You think your going to jab, jab and grab me all night long. It’s not going to happen. I’ve got a remedy for that. On July 2nd your going to see a gulf of difference between a tremendous little man and a good big man. If that gives you comfort about me being scared of you, take that with you. Sleep with that. I really don’t want to be there, that I’m forced to be in this fight because you somehow cornered me and there’s nowhere else to go. If that’s what you need to sleep at night then go for it. If he believes that just my mouth got me here then he’s in for a world of hurt. You’ve got to realize that you’re in with someone so much faster than you’ve ever been in the ring with. You can’t find sparring partners as fast as me that can punch from all angles that I do, single punch knockouts because they would have already knocked you out. I want the Klitschko heads this year, plain and simple. That why I’m in the game for. I can feel he was going to throw a punch. I feel it. The only time you’ve come out of your comfort zone is when you get knocked down and knocked out. You want this to be a snoozefest, a cure for insomnia like the rest of your fights. But this one is going to be an entertaining one. I feel it. I’m being looked forward to being taught a lesson, a jabbing lesson. You’ll see me standing and a referee counting over him, slowly probably.”

Even after Haye made Wladimir look silly, Wladimir attempted to shake his hand, as if some kind of appeasement gesture. It looked completely out of place after the shellacking that Haye had given him. Haye then shock his hand, ignoring Wladimir’s outstretched hand, saying “Save it for after the fight, man.”

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