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Why Floyd watched Lady Gaga instead of Pacquiao

By The Fist and the Furious: If you can’t respect The Man until now, you will never respect him. So you might as well admit you’re a hater. This fight wasn’t among his most spectacular. It wasn’t even vintage Manny. But it was still enough to dominate, which is what Manny Pacquiao has been doing in boxing over the last decade.

As expected, pound-for-pound king Pacquiao proved yet again why he is the world’s undisputed best prizefighter – his sheer will to win, unparalleled training method, and unprecedented fighting style continue to baffle opponents, and most importantly continue to show the world the difference between himself and Floyd Mayweather Jr. While Floyd loves to avoid, Manny loves to fight and prove why he is deserving of being called the sport’s top man by EARNING HIS STRIPES EVEN WHILE HE’S ALREADY ON TOP. This, fight fans, is what separates a warrior of the sport from a made-for-TV farce.

As expected, Pacquiao proved yet again why Mayweather is so reluctant to get in the ring with him. Pacquiao’s speed, power, and ability to control range, distance, and tempo made Shane Mosley quit and turned him into a turtle.

As expected, my prediction that Pacquiao’s semi-hook, semi-uppercut would be the punch that hurt Shane Mosley came to fruition. In the third round, Pacquiao knocked Mosley down with a right hand straight to his temple. But it wasn’t the right hand that hurt him. It was the half-hook, half-uppercut that Pacquiao threw with his left that stunned Mosley, allowing Pacquiao to follow it up with the right straight, subsequently making Mosley kiss the canvas for the first time since 1775.

From that point on, Mosley fought like a scared fighter. He “turtled” up into his shell, reluctant to throw a punch, reluctant to fight, because Pacquiao made him fearful of getting knocked out. This is what Pacquiao does to his opponents. He flat-out demoralizes them to the point where his opponent all of a sudden questions his own ability and becomes tentative. As I’ve always maintained, Pacquiao’s defense is his offense. And it was once again on display in spite of Manny’s complaints regarding minor cramps in his legs throughout the middle rounds of the fight. In other words, Pacquiao still thoroughly dominated Mosley on his B-game. Wow.

And as to be expected in a few days Pacquiao-Mosley will likely draw well over 1.45 million PPV buys, which is the number that Mayweather-Mosley generated one year ago. I’m predicting about 1.7 million, but I wouldn’t be surprised if 2 million is the final tally.

During the post fight interview, Mosley made it clear he felt Pacquiao’s power, he was surprised Pacquiao had that much power, acknowledged Pacman’s speed, and there was no question in his mind that the number one pound-for-pound boxer is Manny Pacquiao hands down.

What Floyd couldn’t do, Manny did once again. For all of Floyd’s technical boxing skills, he never hurt Mosley. But Manny did and knocking down Mosley is all the proof the haters need.

For all of Floyd’s defensive excellence, Mosley put the hurt on Floyd, rocked him twice in one round, and made his legs buckle. But Shane never hurt Manny one bit. Shane did not land one solid shot that even came close to making Manny respect Shane’s power. What about the 10th round knockdown on Manny? Replays clearly showed that Manny was pushed by Mosley while Mosley’s foot was stepping on Pacquiao’s foot. Pacquiao’s momentum was carrying him forward because he was throwing a punch at the same time, and Mosley obviously pushed Manny backwards with his right hand, making Manny lose his footing and thus falling off balance to the canvas. Referee Kenny Bayless failed to pay attention and missed the call big time. Nevertheless, two of the judges still gave Pacquiao a 120-107 and 120-108 edge on the scorecards, respectively. In other words, had it not been for the “false” knockdown, this fight would have been a complete sweep.

So what’s the difference between Pacquiao and Mayweather, two fighters who both have immense talent and are equally talented and gifted? Pacquiao’s relentless warrior mentality will overwhelm Floyd in spite of Floyd’s excellent defense. The X-factor is that Manny has the heart of a true champion, inside the ring and in LIFE. Manny has the power to hurt Floyd and make Floyd think twice. Manny’s experience growing up in the rough streets of General Santos and having to fight just to eat makes him virtually impossible to crack mentally. Floyd doesn’t have this quality ingrained in him. That’s why no matter how hard Floyd tries to crack Manny in every way, he fails.

There is only one person who can solve this Rubik’s Cube, and it ain’t Floyd. Her name is Jinkee.

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