Vitali’s destruction of Solis not a good sign for Haye

By William Mackay: If you’re a fan of smaller heavyweights like Odlanier Solis and WBA heavyweight champion David Haye, it wasn’t nice to see how easily WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko crushed Solis in one round last Saturday night in Cologne, Germany. It wasn’t that Vitali looked invincible or anything early in the round, because he was taking some shots from Solis. But with Vitali’s steel chin and powerful right hand you knew that the fight was going to end with him knocking out the much smaller 6’1″ Solis sooner or later once Vitali connected.

The end came in the last 15 seconds of the round when Vitali landed a chopping right hand that hurt Solis bad enough for him to hurt his knee while falling down. It was Vitali’s right hand that caused Solis to hurt his knee. Initially, it looked like Solis wasn’t badly hurt and had merely hurt his knee while falling. But if you look at the replay a few times, you’ll notice that Solis was indeed hurt by the right hand he was hit with and that’s why he went down.

Even if Solis hadn’t hurt his knee, he was going to be in serious trouble if he made it back to his feet. What this all means is that Haye, if he ends up fighting Vitali in June, July or sometime later in the year, Haye is going to get knocked out. It’s pretty much a given. The 6’2″ Haye and his boxing fans may think Haye can mimic what Solis was doing when he was landing early in the round, but Solis was messing around with a lion in there and it cost him with him getting knocked out in the 1st. If Haye goes looking to exchange with Vitali, Haye will get knocked out. There’s no two ways about it. He’s just too small and too fragile to compete with Vitali. As soon as Vitali lands his right hand flush, Haye will be history. He can then retire.

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