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Andre Dirrell pulls out of Super Six tournament: Will he ever fight again?

Andre Dirrell LatestBy David Miles: I’ve been in love with the sport of boxing since I can remember.

After middle school when friends were at the local YMCA playing basketball, I was at another local gym learning footwork and how to throw a punches.

As time progressed and High School came along, school and football took over much of my time but I continued to follow the sport religiously.

In college I majored in Physiological Psychology and was able to be a part of an upstart boxing program at the University of South Florida from 1999-2001.

I love the sport and will follow it until I can no longer see, or comprehend what I’m seeing.

I have just read that Andre Dirrell is pulling out of the Super Six tournament do to an unspecified neurological condition.

This is exactly what I feared from the moment Arthur Abraham landed a roundhouse right on Dirrell’s open jaw, defenseless on the mat.

The examinations done at the hospital hours after the fight thankfully showed no bleeding on the brain itself, and concussion tests were administered that showed no significant signs of swelling of the brain.

While this was very good news, the fact that the effects of the concussion are still lingering is not.

I am only speculating when I say this, but I believe that Dirrell is suffering from headaches during and outside of training.

He and his team probably thought that it was no big deal and continued to train for Ward, but when they didn’t go away, they knew something may be wrong.

Andre may even have slightly blurred vision on occasion.

I never thought for one mili-second that Andre Dirrell was in any way faking his symptoms while he lay convulsing on the canvas with no ringside physician in sight.

If you listen to Dirrell after he has come-to, he immediately begins asking for a rematch.

He has no recollection of the 11th round and probably much more as he stated leaving the hospital, “I don’t know what happened tonight. I just have to watch the fight.”

He thought that he had been knocked out as he cried on Gary Shaw’s shoulder and apologized for losing.

So getting to the subject of my submission.

I unfortunately believe that Andre Dirrell may be forced to give up fighting altogether because of the lingering effects of Arthur Abraham’s cheap shot.

Those who believe that Dirrell was acting as he lye on the canvas, need only do a little research in basic neurology to see that Andre Dirrell’s symptoms then and now are perfectly congruent with the model for post-concussion syndrome.

This disease ends careers in all sports it effects and the fact that he was struck in the open jaw with hundreds of pounds of force explains the convulsing.

I will not get into Neuropsychology but please keep this young man in your thoughts and prayers.

I do hope that Andre Dirrell is back and better than ever, but do not be surprised if you do not see him in the ring for quite some time.


David M

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