Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Cough Up Some Blood, Manny

By Boxing News - 12/23/2009 - Comments

Image: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Cough Up Some Blood, MannyBy Frank Car: Come on, Manny, cough up some blood. No not from a barrage of body shots, but through a needle in an Olympic-style drug test. Pacquiao’s camp seemingly agreed to this style test earlier but changed their mind on this past Tuesday or so, and is now to be the only left keeping contracts from being signed.

Goldon Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer told “We have agreed on everything except for this testing issue. I have to think Pacquiao is unaware of this. The drug testing had been part of the contract for a while and then they suddenly said no. I was informed of that [Tuesday] morning. Suddenly they changed course and I don’t know why.”

He also said “He, Pacquiao, would only agree to have blood drawn before the kick-off press conference and after the fight.” I assume the kick-off press conference is the one to be held in early January in New York and, now, there seems to be another one to take place a few days later in Los Angeles.

Come on now, Manny, if you are really considering not agreeing to this.. hmm. Your going give ammo to Mayweather and he deserves to be able to throw it back at you. He, Mayweather, is willing to take the test, and if Manny doesn’t have anything to hide, he is only going to be raising suspicion by not agreeing. Perhaps Manny feels as if he doesn’t need to even acknowledge those types of accusations, but those type of things can snowball on you and get bigger and bigger. The smart thing would be to leave no doubts and just adhere to the testing. In fact he should almost want to do just to show everyone, leaving no doubters, that is he isn’t on any steriods any anything deemed otherwise illegal.

It’s so hard to tell what’s really going on in their minds, whether is a ploy for negotiation tactics, whether they really have something to hide, whether Pacquiao is superstitious on giving blood or just doesn’t like needles, which are also two reasons rumored to be why he doesn’t want to take the test. Half the time, if not most the time, “they” (they being anyone involved on either side in these type of matters) say one thing and a short time later do another, but I guess that’s just how negotiations go. Something about a male cow and what you do with the food you ate.

Mayweather said “I understand Pacquiao not liking having his blood taken, because frankly I don’t know anyone who really does. But in a fight on this magnitude, I think it is our responsibility to subject ourselves to sportsmanship at the highest level. I have already agreed to the testing and it is a shame that he is not willing to do the same. It leaves me with great doubt as to the level of fairness I would be facing in the ring that night. I hope that this is either some mis-communication or that Manny will change his mind and step up and allow these tests, which were good enough for all these other great athletes, to be performed by USADA,” sources say.

Actually, rather eloquently put. And it’s a perfect spot for Mayweather to be in, he is agreeing and seemingly trying to make things work, while Pacquiao is being difficult about something he has been accused of before, doping that is, accused by even some of his fellow boxers. Which might I add without proof is ridiculous and classless.

Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter, after Schaefer released his statement had this to say “Manny says that taking blood from him really weakens him. And he doesn’t want to do it when he’s in training, but he’ll do it prior to going into training, and after the fight.” said Arum “Every major doctor will tell you that blood testing shows absolutely nothing. Everybody is using sophisticated urinalysis to test now. Mayweather knows Manny’s phobia for giving blood, and he’s using that to get out of the fight. Too bad” sources say.

So the question is, for all the doctors out there, is that true? Is it really necessary to take blood? Or necessary to take blood during training rather than before and after? I would assume the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) which does the Olympic-style drug testing, draws blood, randomly, for a reason.

According to an article by USA TODAY regarding the introduction of blood testing in the Olympics “USADA will conduct the blood tests at competition and out-of-competition sites, when testers show up unannounced. Testing without notice can aid in detecting HGH [human growth hormone], which clears the body quickly. An athlete wanting to avoid detection at a competition would stop using before and event.”

Oh and by the way, I guess the whole “vow of silence no issuing statements until contracts are finalized” thing is out the window. Which is something both sides had agreed on when starting negotiations.

At any rate, there really should be no excuses from Pacquiao’s side. From what I hear Mayweather’s side is agreeing to Pacquiao’s demands. Such as a 10 million dollar penalty per pound over 147 for either boxer at weigh in. Schaefer told to regarding that topic “We agreed to $10 million per pound or fraction thereof. That’s what the Pacquiao side wanted and we said ‘Okay’ to that. That’s unheard of.”

However Bob Arum has said “The plug is pulled, the fight is off as far we’re concerned.” Don’t count on that happening though.

USADA tests all types of Olympians and top notch athletes from Lance Armstrong to LeBron James. As long it they keep it in the normal USADA standards and not overkill, it may be an unusual request but it’s not too far out there. In fact strict testing should be given more often in all different types of sports… except for bowling maybe.

I won’t come down too hard on the Pac-Man just yet ’cause all this is new news and could be sorted out fairly shortly. But come on, give a little blood outside the ring ya’ big tough guy.

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