The Indelible Impression of Alexis Arguello

By Boxing News - 07/10/2009 - Comments

arguello23By David Douglas: Much has been written about the recent passing of three time world champion Alexis Arguello. His many astonishing victories, over top shelf opponents, from hall of fame legends to up and coming matinee stars, to include the two infamous losses, have been respectively honored. And all of the accolades are without doubt and clear of argumentative speculation, as they should be…What a refreshing statement.

Alexis Arguello was a masterful artist, who used the canvas of the ring to create brilliant collages of boxings’ sweet science. His arsenal embodied all the defensive and offensive tools of the trade; proper stance and footing, range, distance, parring, blocking with the forearm, slipping, hands up high and elbows straight down; feinting, straight jabs and right crosses down the middle, left hooks to the body and off the jab, and up the middle upper cuts… All of which were effortlessly, executed with deliberate precision. The calmness and patience in which he delivered his masterful performance was like watching a high performance vehicle move in slow motion… Absolutely spellbinding!

The aforementioned, would be more than enough said to express the appreciation for such a great boxer/puncher, yet, his character traits provided him with another major stroke of genius to this master piece.

That would be Arguello’s ability to maintain his focus under the most vicious attacks by his opponents. And then, with unmatched resiliency,he would deliver a critical barrage of punishment with such fluency. Like a true consummate warrior, Alexis would rise to the highest level of competition to the finish… And what a finisher he was!

As much of a superior boxer/puncher he was, he was just as humble and respectful toward his opponents; with such a constant display of sportsmanship, that is seemingly lost these days. In fact, he was an ambassador of all that is right and good about the great sport of boxing.

I once had the pleasure of meeting Alexis Arguello, and by the time I finished expressing my appreciation as a huge fan, one would of thought that he was more appreciative of me than I of him… A sincere gentleman. His love for our sport was very evident in his engaging hand shake and charming smile. The experience made me proud to be a true fan of boxing.

Alexis Arguello was not a house hold name during his career, like many Latin fighters in America, however, he is forever in the books as one of the all time greats. An honor that is agreed upon by boxing fans, sports writers and follow pugilist alike. In addition, his fallen opponents and victors, have never uttered an antagonistic or disrespectful word about him, before and after their battles. So it is, with this cherished regard, that Alexis Arguello will always and forever be held in such high esteem amongst all boxing enthusiast.

It is in this final tribute that I reserve the complete focus for Alexis Arguello. Therefore, I have refrained from using the names and statistics that usually accompany such a great career. To compliment my desire , I will imagine this;

As the ring announcer makes the final introduction for the former three time world champion, best pound for pound, all time great, Hall of Famer, Alexis climbs through the ring ropes one last time. Shrouded in his traditional full length hooded, velvet rope, he stands in the center of the circle of the squired ring. It is here where the legend was born. And it is here that the legend must say farewell to those that have garnished him with admiration. The applause increases as does his humbling smile. Alexis blows kisses to his ardent fans and tears of joy fill the eyes. It is apparent that the love is mutual beyond words…

Again, thank you Alexis Arguello. And may heaven bestow upon you the highest reward of tranquility.

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