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Mayweather: Is the Hype Justified or is it Just Hype?

Floyd Mayweather Jr Juan Manuel MarquezBy Eric Torres: How will Floyd Mayweather Jr. be remembered? I ask you this question openly and without any bias. I ask you to ask yourself the question: Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. as good as he claims he is, or is his image as an invincible fighter and one that cannot be beat, a product of our imaginations due to his own hype machine? I can’t answers this question for you, but I can tell you my opinion.

No one will ever discount Floyd’s talent as a fighter; I just assume his talent for making us believe he is better than he claims he is a far better talent and one that he has mastered. I have never seen a fighter who has taken himself out of the welterweight division, best possible matches and yet is still considered to be one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world today.

Greatness is measured by the willingness to test your abilities against the best of the best and not being afraid to lose. In my honest opinion Floyd has not done this to date. How can I justifiably say that he is the best when he has not FOUGHT THE BEST!

When I look at Floyd Mayweather JR I see someone that has self doubt, but speaks loudly & is very animated, to not only convince himself he is the so called greatest, but to also fool us into believing that he is as well. I ask you to ask yourself, who has Floyd fought who is as tough as Cotto, as tough as Mosley, as tough as Margarito, as tough as a Clottey or as tough as Williams? No one! Floyd is the master of fooling us into believing he has fought the best when deep down inside I believe we all know he has not done that yet, not even close!

Let’s go through some of Floyds last few fighters he has faced starting from the most recent going down the list. Ricky Hatton who was a junior welterweight Floyd made come up to face him. Oscar De La Hoya who in my opinion was past his prime when he fought Mayweather and always came up short in his big fights, for example, Mosley, Hopkins and Trinidad.

Carlos Baldomir who’s fame came off of beating a past his prime Arturo Gatti. Baldomir who was slower than a turtle and Mayweather knew he could out run him for twelve rounds and not engage in combat. Lastly, Zab Judah, who was always hype and quite frankly an undisciplined, loose cannon type of a fighter.

As a fight fan, Can you say any of these fighters I have mentioned Floyd has fought, are on the same level of a Cotto, Margarito, Clottey, Mosley and I’ll even throw Berto in the mix? Ask yourself are any of those opponent’s Floyd has faced better than any of these TRUE WELTERWEIGHTS in Floyd’s division that he should be fighting not ducking? This is the point I am making with this article boxing fans!

It’s to open the eyes of the many Mayweather disciples, who have been fooled by him, his record and his claims of greatness. I would entertain his claims of greatness, if he fought any of these true superstars in HIS division. The reality is that I can’t because he has not fought any of them, not one single fighter on my list or in his division.

Floyd’s Greatness is a product of his imagination and does not need to be ours! As long as he keeps telling himself he has faced the best and letting his words effect our decisions as rational human beings into believing this, then he will never face the best boxing has had to offer and that would be a shame.

How can we as boxing fans allow this to happen? How can we as boxing fans allow Floyd to be considered the best if he has not fought the best? If we allow ourselves NOT to be manipulated by Floyd claims, then there will be an outcry for him to fight the best. Then and only then will we be able to measure his so called greatness. I am not here to change your opinion about Floyd, but only to ask yourself is Floyd Mayweather Jr’s Hype Justified or is it what it appears to be Just HYPE? You be the judge!

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