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Is Manny Pacquiao Getting in Over His Head Against Cotto?

Manny Pacquiao Miguel CottoBy Eric Torres: OK boxing fans, Am the voice of reason? Am I the only true boxing fan that feels that Manny Pacquiao is taking Miguel Cotto lightly? I have a feeling that we all will bare witness to one of the biggest upsets in boxing history Nov. 14th (although it would not be in my eye’s). Let me explain & compare both fighters objectively.

Lets start with Manny Pacquiao & his last few fights since his coming out party. You have his last fight with Juan Manuel Marquez in which many observers feel & agree that Manny had lost. Juan Manuel Marquez for this reason has been dodged repeatedly by Manny Since there last fight. Next you have David Diaz folks, who was a cherry picked champion that had absolutely no skill what so ever to counter what Manny brought to the table & Manny knew this. After this fight it was time for Manny to move onto bigger & better things, so we thought. That brings us to Oscar De La Hoya, whom Manny Pacquiao knew, if the offer was lucrative enough, he could get Oscar & his giant ego down to a weight he had not fought in over TEN years. This Obviously played right into the hands of Manny who had the upper hand due to the fact Oscar was a shot fighter going into that fight. Oscar also was drained to the point that Freddie Roach even admitted noticing I.V marks on Oscars arms during the prefight introductions, which meant he was severely dehydrated. Now this brings me to Ricky Hatton, who we all know was a little better than a club fighter. Hatton got lucky in getting the fight to begin with & did not beat anyone of significant name or stature in my opinion. If you count Paulie Mallanaggi or Kaz ta zu you have to do better! Paulie is a very ordinary boxer with no power & Kaz Ta zu was way past his prime.

So who has Manny Pacquiao fought? True boxing fans have to strip down his SO CALLED coming out fights & realize that POSSIBLY the reason Manny has looked so great, has been because of the quality of opponents he has faced. Juan Manuel Marquez is the exception & the only boxer of late who has given Pacquiao his share of fits & Manny looked human at best when they have fought. Is that a coincidence? I believe it’s because Manny was Matched up against a Great fighter, not a washed up, club fighter, or a dehydrated boxer. This brings me to Miguel Cotto, who like Marquez is a great fighter & in my opinion an even greater one.

Lets start off with Zab “super’ Judah. Lets face it Zab Judah was at one point a high caliber boxer before the Mayweather fight & then was just not the same afterward, but needless to say had the power advantage & speed advantage over Miguel Cotto( which all boxing analyst stated) & we all know how devastating of a beating Miguel Cotto inflicted on Judah. Then we have Shane Mosley. This was a great boxing match in which, once again Cotto was the underdog & everyone had Mosley & his superior skills beating the young Cotto. This was a fantastic fight that went back & forth & ultimately one that Cotto won due to his amazing ability to box & adapt to one of the best boxers in the world. Mosley afterward in the ring acknowledged Cottos boxing skills & Called Cotto ” a Great young warrior”. That brings us to Antonio Margarito. Cotto showed his skill level for the first half of the fight & showed his ability to take a beating ( which is now under scrutiny due to Plastergate). Cotto has been accused of having a glass chin, but never was knocked out during that fight & would have kept on fighting if his corner did not stop the fight. Even with a majority of boxing analyst believing that he was being hit with plaster during the fight. Next Michael Jennings, who I admit was cherry picked to build Cotto’s confidence back up if it was hurt by the Margirito Fight. Cotto did what he was supposed to do, he destroyed jennings. Last & not least his recent fight with Joshua Clottey. In some eyes Cotto looked sub-par, In my eyes Cotto showed his natural ability to use his boxing skills against Clottey during this fight. Cotto fought with one eye from round 3 on & did not throw in the towel when he knew they where up. Cotto did the exact opposite, he fought through adversity, did just enough to keep Clottey at bay , win the fight ( I had it 7-5 Cotto) & showed his heart & how much of a warrior he is in the process.

What does all of this mean about Cotto vs Pacquiao? Its means Pacquaio is biting off more than he can chew. If Pacquiao or any of the Cotto doubters believe Cotto is going to be blown out of the ring when they meet in the proposed Nov. 14th showdown, I think you should brace yourself for a big surprise. I believe Pacquiao is letting Cotto’s recent performance against Clottey get to his head without looking at Cotto’s Body of work since he entered the welterweight division. Cotto fought one of the STRONGEST opponents he has faced & one that is stronger than any fighter Manny has ever fought in Clottey, he also did it with one eye. Cotto has never been knocked out against some of the stiffest & biggest welterweights in the world. We also Know Pacquiao is not as big as the true welterweights that have tried to knock Cotto out. So why would the doubters believe Manny is going to do it to Cotto? I know the doubters are going to say that Manny’s speed and power will destroy Cotto, I say to those doubters if it hasn’t been done with TRUE WELTERWEIGHTS then good luck to Pacquiao because he is going to need it against Cotto.

My prediction: Cotto will be much quicker than Pacquiao expects, as a lot of Cotto’s opponents realize once they step into the ring. Pacquaio will of course have his moments where he looks much faster. Pacquiao may even buzz Cotto & I feel this will be his unraveling. I feel Pacquiao will build a sense of false hope & try to engage Cotto head on just as he has in the past against Juan Manuel Marquez. In doing so he leaves himself open to Cotto & one of his vicious hooks. Manny has been rocked in this approach before & will do so again. Cotto has been in against some of the fastest & strongest opponents in the world. If they have not been able to knock Cotto out Pacquiao surely will not in my eyes. This is why I feel Manny Pacquiao is getting in over his head. Cotto by 11th round knockout in one of the biggest upsets in recent years.

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