Pacquiao vs. Bradley

Timothy Bradley still believes a third fight with Manny Pacquaio can happen in 2015

By Cameron Gillon: Timothy Bradley is hoping that once he is back in the ring and wins a few fights that he can get a third fight to settle the score with Manny Pacquiao, the WBO welterweight champion. Back in June 2012 Bradley defeated Pacquiao in a highly controversial split decision to win the WBO […]

Bradley: I beat Pacquiao 8 rounds to 4

By Chris Williams: Last Saturday night in the Manny Pacquiao – Tim Bradley face off with Max Kellerman, Bradley stood firm with Kellerman when he brought up their previous fight from 2012 and seemed to be trying to get Bradley to admit that he lost that fight. Bradley wasn’t going to play Kellerman’s game, so […]

Andre Ward picks Bradley to beat Pacquiao for second time

By Chris Williams: Manny Pacquiao (55-5-2, 38 KO’s) appears head towards a second showdown with WBO welterweight champion Tim Bradley (31-0, 12 KO’s) on April 12th at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum revealed on Tuesday that he’s putting the fight together between Pacquiao and Bradley, and he feels confident […]

Pacquiao’s diminished brand could hurt Bradley’s chances of getting a big payday

By Chris Williams: WBO welterweight champion Tim Bradley wants a bigger payday in his rematch with Manny Pacquiao than he did in their fight two years ago in June 2012. Bradley received a $5 million guarantee in that fight, and he made more with the pay-per-view upside after the fight hauled in close to 900,000 […]

Arum: Bradley would rather fight Pacquiao than Marquez

By Chris Williams: Juan Manuel Marquez wants to fight WBO welterweight champion Tim Bradley again, but it looks like Bob Arum of Top Rank has other ideas for Bradley. Arum’s basically giving it away that Bradley will be Pacquiao’s next opponent on April 12th by saying that Bradley wants to fight Pacquiao again. Arum really […]

Malignaggi thinks Pacquiao will lose to Bradley

By Chris Williams: Paulie Malignaggi saw Manny Pacquiao’s fight against Brandon Rios, and his conclusion is that Pacquiao hasn’t improved enough since his losses to Tim Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez to beat Bradley in their possible rematch on April 12th. Malignaggi thought Pacquiao looked okay against a fighter that was tailor made for him […]

Arum thinks fans want to see Pacquiao-Bradley II

By Chris Williams: Top Rank promoter Bob Arum thinks boxing fans are eager to see Manny Pacquiao (55-5-2, 38 KO’s) fight Tim Bradley (31-0, 12 KO’s) again, but he’s not sure if he’ll be able to put that fight together or not for April 12th. Pacquiao hasn’t said who he wants to fight, and Arum […]

Bradley under consideration for Pacquiao’s next fight in Macau

By Chris Williams: WBO welterweight champion Tim Bradley (30-0, 12 KO’s) put in a good enough performance for him to now be under serious consideration for 34-year-old Manny Pacquiao’s next fight in September, according to RingTV. Pacquiao and his promoter Bob Arum had tunnel vision in wanting to just face Juan Manuel Marquez next, but […]

Revisiting Manny Pacquiao & Timothy Bradley fight

by Klaas Mabetlela: I have just finished watching for the third time the WBO welterweight title fight that took place early last year between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley. It amazes me that Manny Pacquiao and his entourage as well as some respected boxing aficionados dismisses it as the night of robbery. The WBO climbed […]

Bradley in good position to get Pacquiao rematch in 2013

By Chris Williams: WBO welterweight champion Tim Bradley (29-0, 12 KO’s) was passed over by Bob Arum to face Manny Pacquiao in a rematch this time. Arum decided to go with a proven money-maker in Juan Manuel Marquez to fight Pacquiao on December 8th. However, the 29-year-old Bradley is still in a very good position […]

Is Pacquiao sticking it to Bradley?

By John F. McKenna (McJack): By choosing World Boxing Organization (WBO) lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez (54-6-1, 39 KO’s) to be his next opponent many boxing pundits are of the opinion that Filipino icon Manny Pacquaio (54-4-2, 38 KO’s) is “sticking it” to new WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley (29-0-1, 12 KO’s). Apparently frustrated that […]

Bradley: Pacquiao is truly afraid to fight me again

By Chris Williams: Unbeaten WBO welterweight champion Tim Bradley (29-0, 12 KO’s) is firmly convinced that the aging 33-year-old Manny Pacquiao chose not to fight him again not because a fight with him wouldn’t make a ton of money but rather because Pacquiao is just plain afraid to get in the ring with him once […]

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