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Why Adrien Broner will retire


Broner ego was destroyed when he faced Mandana and his anticts after that defeat was more a distraction as an attempt to save face. The way he has conected his boxing business reflects a person that needs emotional support to proceed in his boxing career. – Which I hope will be very, very short after he gets another beating by a bona-fide contender not a hand picked opponent.
When he quits boxing what is left in the filed of entertaining sport? Maybe he can join a Toller Skating League that will be more acceptable to his staged presence. Of course to do that you need to know how to relle skates and this could be a challenge for him but at least he have practiced enough inhis ring career to try and learn to manupulate his dancing legs with roller skaters.

Posted November 6, 2015  

F v R

You BONE-head

Posted October 17, 2015  

F v R


Posted October 16, 2015  


Lesson number 1….never try to copy the greatest boxer of our era. Mayweather is in a league of his own and Broner is not even close.

Posted September 22, 2015  


Remove this UGLY face from this sight please

Posted September 20, 2015  


Broner is a Boner.

Posted August 24, 2015  

Diana Perez

You are a sorry you got what you deserve Maidiana beat you all you do is cuss I’m sorry you are tatting oh he hit me so you finally lost thank you are nothing I pray God spare your life I glad you are retaining

Posted August 21, 2015  


Adrien won’t retire at this stage of his career, he just needs to stay at 140lbs and quite attempting to fight bigger guys. The big fight at 140 for him will be unification fight with Terrence Crawford that is if he wins in Oct. Now that will be a fight because both men are real dogs in nature and skilled.

Posted August 21, 2015  


With a proper trainer, improved stamina and discipline Broner can still be a force at 140.

Posted August 17, 2015  


Good article!

Posted August 8, 2015  


Useless as Q.Cooper and S.B.W

Posted July 28, 2015  


Dont be such a saw loser broner your better than that

Posted July 24, 2015  

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Why Adrien Broner will retire

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