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Why Adrien Broner will retire


Broner is a Boner.

Posted August 24, 2015  

Diana Perez

You are a sorry you got what you deserve Maidiana beat you all you do is cuss I’m sorry you are tatting oh he hit me so you finally lost thank you are nothing I pray God spare your life I glad you are retaining

Posted August 21, 2015  

Broker Retire

I agree with most of your comments and agree that Broner avoid Crawford for obvious reasons such as Crawford is just a better fighter. Brokers issue at 140 & 147 is that he just doesn’t punch enough. Broner has quick hands and as we saw in his last loss to Porter that he can punch. The problem (no pun intended) is that Broner waited until the 12th round to get aggressive. Porter has a good chin but got caught and wound up on his butt. I am no fan of Broner but he has the skills and power to be a force at 140 to a lesser extent at 147. Broner needs to beat an A fighter in 2016 or be looked at as a stepping stone. New trainers, a serious attitude would be a great start. I predict Broner fights Thurman in 2016 which will be the defining fight of his career. If Broner doesn’t make big changes, Thurman will chew him up and spit him out. That maybe the outcome no matter what Broner does but it seems a shame that talent gets wasted on Broner who acts like a clown inside and outside the ring. Money and fame are the ultimate motivators and if Broner continues on this path he will fade off into the sunset with no a lot of either. The clock is ticking for Broner.

Posted August 21, 2015  


Adrien won’t retire at this stage of his career, he just needs to stay at 140lbs and quite attempting to fight bigger guys. The big fight at 140 for him will be unification fight with Terrence Crawford that is if he wins in Oct. Now that will be a fight because both men are real dogs in nature and skilled.

Posted August 21, 2015  


With a proper trainer, improved stamina and discipline Broner can still be a force at 140.

Posted August 17, 2015  


Good article!

Posted August 8, 2015  


Useless as Q.Cooper and S.B.W

Posted July 28, 2015  


Dont be such a saw loser broner your better than that

Posted July 24, 2015  

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Why Adrien Broner will retire

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