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Bradley: I’m going to outbox Provodnikov


Bradley fought with his face.

Posted March 18, 2013  


Bradley did his best work by far boxing.He showed he has good boxing skills.

Posted March 17, 2013  

The Voice Of Boxing!


Posted March 17, 2013  


Bradley had this fight in the bag easy if he had just chose to box. Instead he went to all out war against the Russian on a mission to gain respect, and holy cow did he do just that. Bradley’s decisions to slug reminded me of Morales same decision against Pac in the 12th round of there bout. Questionable decision, but with the same objective – please the fans. If this doesn’t get butts in seats for Bradley,I don’t know what will. My most respect for the Russian powerhouse and Bradley. Best fight of 2013 thus far.

Posted March 16, 2013  


Bradley a warrior! Bradley fought the Russian fight & won. Bradley is the truth!

Posted March 16, 2013  


Bradely won the Pac fight

Posted March 16, 2013  

my suzie “q”

you will all very soon know the result so lets comment after

Posted March 16, 2013  

Bill from NY

Good article. Bradley lost respect after the paquaio fight. Of course he’s not going to fight like he sid he would do. He’s going to stay away, use his head and eek out a win.

Posted March 16, 2013  


bradley should join the us track n field he runs a lot

Posted March 16, 2013  

boxing fan

For Mexicans outbox means, I don’t have ba&%lls to fight .

Posted March 16, 2013  


bradley is boring he will never be a ppv fighter i mean would you waste your money on him only if you thought he would get kod then again i could wait to read about it hes that boring

Posted March 16, 2013  

douglas burke

bradley is very underrated, he will beat keith thurman, he will beat brandon rios, he will beat amir kahn, he will beat malignaggi, he will beat broner, gamboa challenged bradley and when bradley accepted gamboa backed out and tried to save face by saying bradley should not be allowed to weigh 147 even though it would be for the welterweight title.
catchweights are garbage there is too many weights as it is.

its kind of like brian viloria challenging wladidimer or vitali klitchko to a fight and then have it planned in case they accept, it has to be at a catchweight of 120 pounds.

Posted March 16, 2013  

Gary H

I can’t wait to watch the WBO light-welterweight champion tonight. His record will go to 30-0. Go Timmy!

Posted March 16, 2013  

Murder man

bradley is tough determined and gritty. But he lacks power, real skill, and he is soo boring! How the hell did he beat pac? lol

Posted March 16, 2013  


Does anyone care if Bradley is fighting anymore?
Hope he gets that big ass head of his cracked open!

Posted March 16, 2013  


Why don’t we just support him u c, he’s the hardest working man out there and deserves it

Posted March 16, 2013  


bradley is a confused fighter…he doesn’t what to do or what to say…l think all those muscles though impressive its squeezing his brain to the point he can figure out what he wants to do

Posted March 16, 2013  

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Bradley: I’m going to outbox Provodnikov

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