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Who should Miguel Angel Cotto fight next?

cotto55By Gerardo Granados: A friend of mine asked me who Cotto should fight next; he believes he should go for the fourth divisional championship instead of a big purse. And he might be right! The tree division champion Miguel Angel Cotto has been reported to be offered by Golden Boy Promotion 10 million for a fight against Saul Canelo Alvarez next year; it also was reported that Cotto intended to become the first Puerto Rican fighter to achieve four division championships and the name of Sergio Martinez was mentioned. But it is also possible for him to land a second shot at Floyd Mayweather Jr.

From the boxing fan point of view it could be difficult to decide who should he pick but for Cotto it might be as clear as day light. Purely speculative talking I would say that Cotto could decide to fight Sergio Martinez next, because he might be the easier pray from all his tentative opponents.

Maravilla might be ripe to pick, in his last outing he didn’t looked good and the injuries and long layoff place him as an injured lion. If Cotto decided to fight Martinez and defeated him, he could achieve a personal goal and increase his rich boxing legacy.

Meanwhile Floyd´s and Canelo´s choices for future fights might trim even more giving him more leverage to negotiate a big purse. A fight against Canelo involves more money than prestige; on the other corner if Alvarez added a victory against Cotto to his resume, then he could legitimize himself in the eyes of the boxing fans that are critical about him.

Can the reader imagine the amount of attention that a Mayweather Jr. vs. Cotto II involving the middleweight belt could generate? Right now it would be a great fight to see; a rematch sounds good but if you add the chance for Floyd to win a sixth divisional championship against a fighter that really was competitive when he fought him then you could sell the fight with quite ease.
So, for the reader which would be the best choice for Cotto: business wise or personal goal?

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