Tyson referring to Mayweather: Staying undefeated is okay when you’re fighting once a year

mike tyson floyd mayweather jr  photoBy Mark Havey: Former undisputed heavyweight champion has been talking alot lately about how thrilled he is about the Ricky Hatton comeback. He advised Hatton “don’t go out to prove how tough you are”. He also said that all Hatton needs is one punch and he is champion again.

The interview was set up to talk about the comeback, but during that interview he said something interesting, something about Floyd Mayweather (43-0, KO’s 26). Telegraph.co.uk quoted Tyson saying “Floyd Mayweather is a great champion. He’s been undefeated for 14 years. But that’s ok if you’re fighting once a year like he does, but if you’re fighting 4 or 5 times a year you get better and better”.

It comes across as a slip of the tongue and its shocking that Tyson feels that way. I don’t really understand it. I agree that Floyd Mayweather should fight more often, there has been times when he has fought less than once a year. But it is very difficult for Mayweather to get any better. His defense is arguably the greatest ever seen. He doesn’t throw copious amounts of shots, but the punches he does throw are meaningful and effective. His fitness levels have always been good and even at the age of 35 he outworks men a decade younger. His speed is blinding and along with his counter punching, it’s what his opponents are most troubled by. I like Floyd Mayweather, but I will always be a true Mike Tyson fan, but I don’t see what department Mayweather needs improvement with.

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