Mayweather-Pacquiao: The Let Down Of The Century

1-02By Rod Bautista: Here is the truth straight up. The Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Manny Pacquiao mega fight we all waited for was a mega let down. Over 5 years in the making and the showdown that was tagged the fight of the century ended up being the let down of the century.

Everything about the fight was the biggest money wise of all time from the $90 price tag to purchase the pay per view, to the 9 figure purse that the two fighters took home. Financially it’s the biggest of all time. Unfortunately that’s where the greatness of this fight ends.

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Aftermath Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

1-05-6By John Simmons: Where on earth is Manny Pacquiao? This a good question after months of ridicule towards Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the constant selfies, Instagram updates and talking about Floyd to a point where it was becoming comical.

Manny was seen running in crowded areas doing his famous speed shadow spar and the fans were all over it with he is too fast he looks great Floyd is done and dusted.

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Manny shows lack of class and humbleness after loss to Floyd

1-12-9By MMCR: Floyd Mayweather Jr. won the fight fair and square beating Manny Pacquiao by a 12 round unanimous decision at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather won by doing what he has done best for his entire career. He took a very aggressive and high volume punching opponent Pacquiao and reduced him to a frustrating mess.

Pacquiao and his trainer Freddie Roach all but guaranteed a win in this fight with Pacquiao going so far as to say that even “God would deliver Floyd into his hands”. Not to be outdone, Roach tugged on the emotional sleeve of the masses by saying that this was a fight of “good vs. evil” and everybody who loves boxing should be rooting for Manny.

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The Five Second Punch Clock for boxing

1-IMG_8351By Ryan Dunn: In the NBA, you have a 24 second shot clock. If you don’t touch the rim 24 seconds from the moment your possession begins, you must give the ball to the opposite team. There is also the 3-second rule. An offensive player can not stand idle in the opponent’s free throw lane for more than 3 seconds, otherwise his team receives a foul.

Finally, there is the 8-second rule. An offense has to get the ball across the half-court line within eight seconds, otherwise they receive a foul and lose possession of the ball.

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God-fearing Pacquiao should have been fearing Mayweather instead

1-IMG_8362By Sizzle JKD: I’m going to call it like I see it. Here’s the thing, no God in this entire universe could have saved Manny Pacquiao last night. Not Jesus Christ, not Buddha, not even Allah. The fact of the matter is, religion has made Pacquiao soft and because of this Pacquiao has no business fighting. In the hurt business, nice guys in the ring will NEVER finish first.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll give a ton of credit to Floyd Mayweather Jr. for doing what he needed to do, which was out-think and out-punch Pacquiao in the ring. This is what makes Mayweather so difficult to contend with, let alone defeat.

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Ariza still thinks Pacquiao can excel if he gets a new team behind him

1-01-1By Chris Williams: Alex Ariza, the strength and conditioning coach for Floyd Mayweather Jr. (48-0, 26 KOs), saw how Manny Pacquiao (57-6-2, 38 KOs) struggled last Saturday night in his one-sided defeat at the hands of Mayweather.

Ariza noticed that things were in a state of chaos in Pacquiao’s corner with his trainer Freddie Roach trying to come up with some kind of solution for what Mayweather was doing inside the ring. Ariza thinks that Pacquiao needs to get a new team behind him that can help him out so that he can bounce back and still be a top fighter.

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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Is it time to move on and leave this fight in the past?

1-09-3By Gerardo Granados: At a post-fight interview on ESPN the Undisputed Welterweight Champion of the World Floyd Money Mayweather W48 (26)-L0-D0 stated he would vacate his entire welter and light middle WBA – WBC and also his welter WBO championship belts; meanwhile Manny Pacquiao hurried to make excuses for his loss saying he had a shoulder injury.

Which was a surprise that not many could have expected, but if the reader was surprised with Floyd´s Unanimous Decision victory then it could be because you didn’t bet on Mayweather to win on an easy bet.

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What now Floyd Haters?

1-02By Robert “Big Moe” Elmore: As bad as several of the media tried to discredit Floyd Mayweather Jr’s victory over Mannt Pacquiao; even to the point where an ESPN analysts asked him “does he think he can be great outside the ring with his criminal history”; NOTHING will take the victory away.

This was the ONE fighter that would give Mayweather trouble. This was the ONE fighter whose volume punching, punching from different angles, and work rate would force Mayweather out his comfort zone. And most of all, according to haters, this was the ONE and ONLY fight he needed to cement his legacy.

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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Two polar opposites (Part 2)

1-09-2By Listen: Last night we witnessed the biggest fight in boxing history.  Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao the tale of two polar opposites.  Mayweather the king of the Sweet Science (SS) and Pacquiao one of the best Action Pack (AP) fighters the world has ever seen. 

Leading into this mega fight boxing fans, and writers engaged in  spirited pre-flight debate.  We saw and read literally thousands of tactical boxing articles as to why each fighter would dismantle the other.  Many Casual fans stamped this fight as good versus evil. 

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Pacquiao full of excuses: Two weeks I didn’t train, tear in my shoulder, I skipped couple of days

1-01-3By Dan Ambrose: For some reason one excuse wasn’t enough for Manny Pacquiao in trying to explain what went wrong with his game last Saturday in losing to Floyd Mayweather Jr. by a 12 round unanimous decision. Pacquiao used the scattergun approach to making excuses for his defeat to Mawyeather, blaming it on him missing a couple of weeks of training camp because of a shoulder problem, as well as him missing a couple of other days of training for unknown reasons.

Pacquiao apparently sees the combination of missed training time and his shoulder injury as a factor in what happened last Saturday in his loss to Mayweather at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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