Boxing Results: Seniesa Estrada defeats Yokasta Valle

By Tom Galm - 03/29/2024 - Comments

Oscar Valdez, Mexico’s own ring gladiator, squares up against Australia’s pugilistic export, Liam Wilson, in a 10-rounder that smells like redemption. Both gents are looking to scrub off the stink of past losses right in the same spot they caught them. It’s like a homecoming, but with more punches and less nostalgia.

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Then, in a clash that’s got the boxing world’s ears perked, Seniesa Estrada and Yokasta Valle are gonna duke it out for the undisputed minimumweight tiara. Yes, you heard it, a tiara because when this is over, we’ll have a queen reigning supreme. The chatter’s been flying, and now it’s time to let the gloves do the talking in a 12-round dance.

Bob Arum, the big cheese at Top Rank, promises an electrifying night for the die-hards in Arizona. With Valdez throwing down with Wilson and the Estrada-Valle bout that could light up the main event marquee on its own, it’s clear there’s no love lost and a ton of action to gain.

Valdez, a two-time Olympian and former world champ across two divisions, is itching to claw his way back to the top. After a mixed bag of wins and losses, he’s eyeing Wilson as the stepping stone back to glory. Wilson, on the flip side, is still buzzing from his near-upset over Navarrete and is all in for a brawl, warning Valdez to brace for regret.

Estrada, with a flawless record and a trail of dusted divisions behind her, is all but rolling her eyes at Valle, ready to snatch those belts and cement her pound-for-pound cred. Valle, not one to shy away from a challenge, is all geared up for a showdown that’s been a long time coming, promising a spectacle that’ll have the fans on their feet.

And let’s not forget the undercard, teeming with hungry contenders and fresh faces ready to make some noise. From lightweight contender Raymond “Danger” Muratalla looking to keep his knockout streak alive to heavyweight hopeful Richard Torrez Jr. aiming to maintain his perfect KO record, the lineup’s as spicy as a habanero.

Oscar Valdez is riding high, feeling like he’s hit the jackpot just sharing the stage with some top-contender scrappers. “Feels like I’m crashing their party, and what a bash it’s going to be!” he quips about the upcoming tussle that’s stealing the spotlight.

Reflecting on a past tumble in the ring against Emanuel Navarrete, Valdez admits, “We goofed up a bit last time. Had a plan, but you know how it goes – best-laid plans and all that jazz.” But he’s not dwelling on the past. He’s laser-focused on clawing back to the top, eyeing the championship belt like it’s the last piece of cake. “Respect to Liam Wilson, top guy, but once we’re in the ring, it’s all about playing whack-a-mole with his noggin. Winning’s the name of the game, and I’m all in for getting back that shiny world title,” Valdez states with a mix of humor and determination.

Emiliano Fernando Vargas is living proof that if you dream big and throw enough punches at life, dreams do come to life. “Super stoked to be here, and can’t wait to strut my stuff on March 29. Glendale, Arizona, you’re in for a treat!” Vargas exudes excitement about his next opportunity to dazzle his fans and inch closer to his goals, one fight at a time.

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Seniesa Estrada isn’t just playing around; she’s dead set on settling some old scores and her appetite for victory is insatiable. “Think this is just another stroll in the park for me? Think again. I’ve been craving this clash like it’s the last slice of pizza, ever since I first laced up for Golden Boy Promotions. Bagging that undisputed title is the name of the game for me. And March 29? Can’t arrive fast enough!” she declares, her enthusiasm blazing.

Estrada wastes no time debunking any whispers of her avoiding confrontations, particularly the one involving Yokasta Valle. “Time to clear the air. The whole ‘Estrada’s giving Valle the slip’ tale? Pure make-believe. I’ve been on the frontline, championing this fight from the start. It was me who spotlighted Valle for Golden Boy, eyeing this very moment.”

Yokasta Valle, however, maintains her composure and sticks to business. “This isn’t about settling scores on my end. It’s about the hardware. Seniesa’s sporting a couple of belts I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection. I’ve been tirelessly climbing up the ranks, slicing through divisions with a single aim – to clinch that undisputed champ title,” Valle shares, her gaze locked on her target.

Valle’s already rehearsing her victory lap in her head, down to the finest detail. “I’ve run through this scenario in my mind over and over – my entrance tune, the stadium erupting, followed by the sweetest announcement: ‘And new undisputed champion, Yokasta Valle from Costa Rica.’ That’s the dream I’m chasing, and it’s just within my grasp.”

Fight Card:

FIRST BELL: ESPN+ (6:10 p.m. ET/3:10 p.m. PT) 

  • Oscar Valdez vs. Liam Wilson, 12 rounds, Vacant WBO Interim Junior Lightweight World Title
  • Seniesa Estrada vs. Yokasta Valle 10 rounds, Undisputed Minimumweight Championship
  • Raymond Muratalla vs. Xolisani Ndongeni 10 rounds, Lightweight
  • Lindolfo Delgado vs. Carlos Sanchez, 10 rounds, Junior Welterweight
  • Richard Torrez Jr. vs. Don Haynesworth, 8 rounds, Heavyweight
  • Sergio Rodriguez vs. Sanny Duversonne, 6 rounds, Middleweight
  • Emiliano Fernando Vargas vs. Nelson Hampton, 6 rounds, Lightweight
  • Alan Garcia vs. Gonzalo Fuenzalida, 6 rounds, Lightweight
  • Art Barrera Jr. vs. Keven Soto, 4 rounds, Junior Welterweight
  • Ricardo Ruvalcaba vs. Avner Hernandez-Molina, 6 rounds, Junior Welterweight