Haney vs. Prograis Fight Results, Reactions & Recap

By Tom Galm - 12/09/2023 - Comments

San Francisco’s illustrious Chase Center is about to become the boxing world’s epicenter on Saturday, December 9! Watch as Devin Haney and Regis Prograis throw down in an exciting fight for the WBC World Super-Lightweight title.

The world will bear witness to this explosive encounter, broadcasted live on DAZN PPV in North America and streamed globally on DAZN PPV.

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“I intend to triumph over him convincingly. I’m grateful for the chance and it’s truly a dream realized. This is a significant fight for the boxing world and it presents an enormous opportunity for me. Becoming a champion in two weight divisions has always been my aspiration. Holding on to my titles while challenging Regis, considered the top-contender at 140, fills me with pride. However, I’ll demonstrate that I operate at an unparalleled caliber. I’m eager about this and I foresee this fight bringing sheer excitement. I consider myself a league above him.

“Analyzing the past, it was me who challenged you [Regis Prograis] prior to the [Danielito Zorilla] fight. If I couldn’t secure one of the landmark fights at 135, Regis Prograis was my preferred opponent. His performance, be it exceptional or mediocre, was irrelevant to me. This is the opening fight at Chase Center, marking the return of significant boxing to the Bay Area after a hiatus. I’m elated to be at the forefront, fulfilling my promise to revive boxing here.”


“We might have our differences, but playing mind games isn’t my style. Perhaps he feels overlooked. He might’ve taken shortcuts, as rumors suggest they’ve covered up losses. To me, these speculations are inconsequential. My focus is to fight him and his past doesn’t concern me. I’m engaged in the present moment, concentrating on the opponent he is today. I’m convinced I have the capacity to defeat any challenger.

“I won’t delve deep, but I believe he’ll be caught off guard by my abilities. I’ve dedicated myself fully, training rigorously both in LA and Texas. This won’t be a mere ‘technique versus strength’ clash; it’ll be a contest of expertise, and I bring power to the table as well. Through this fight, I aim to display my talents. A nod to Zorilla if he’s tuned in. Had I defeated Zorilla swiftly, I doubt Haney would’ve accepted this challenge. Despite the setbacks, our date is set for December 9. I’m adamant about retaining my title. I won’t relinquish it. I’m confident about securing a victory.”

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Haney vs. Prograis Undercard

In a spectacular fight night at San Francisco’s Chase Center, Liam Paro is set to square off with Montana Love for the WBO Global Jr. Welterweight title. And the excitement doesn’t stop there; the card also includes a fight between Andy Cruz and Hector Tanajara, as well as Ebanie Bridges defending her IBF World Bantamweight title against fellow Aussie, Avril Mathie. The center of attention? The explosive fight between Devin Haney and Regis Prograis, aired live on DAZN PPV in North America and DAZN globally.

Liam Paro, undefeated with a record of 23-0 and 14 KOs, is all fired up to showcase his boxing skills, especially after an injury prevented a previous world title opportunity against Prograis. Now, after over a year’s break since his win against Brock Jarvis, he’s more than ready to bring the noise and aim for the title in 2024.

“Montana’s just another obstacle on my way to the top. The world title? It’s on my radar for next year. Right now, all I’m seeing is December 9,” Paro confidently states.

Montana Love, with a respectable score of 18-1-1 and 9 KOs, is no stranger to Australian opponents. After a controversial event against Stevie Spark, he’s looking to make some noise in San Francisco and reestablish himself as a top-contender in the world title division. This important 140lb fight is make-or-break for both fighters.

Love comments with a hint of humor, “Praying for rain means dealing with a bit of mud. Come December 9, Love’s gonna sting.”

Meanwhile, Olympic gold medalist Andy Cruz, after a stellar pro debut win against Juan Carlos Burgos, is gearing up to defend his IBF title. The excitement lies in his next challenge against San Antonio’s own, Hector Tanajara.

Cruz exclaims, “Time to shake things up again! Who’s brave enough to step up? Let’s make some exciting memories!”

Tanajara, echoing the sentiment, says, “I’m thrilled to fight on DAZN and be a part of such a great event. Thanks to Matchroom for this chance. San Antonio, we’re bringing home a win on December 9!”

Moreover, Ebanie Bridges, IBF champ with a 9-1 record, will go toe-to-toe with Avril Mathie. The stakes are high, especially since Bridges seeks to consolidate her titles.

Bridges jests, “If Avril’s expecting holiday gifts in December, she’s in for a spooky surprise. Victory will be mine, and the world will watch.”

Mathie, fueled by ambition, responds, “I’m geared up for the IBF title this December 9. Everyone will see the best of me. We’ll give boxing fans a treat, and I’m here to claim the World title.”

Other notable fights include Brazilian sensation Beatriz Ferreira vs. Destiny Jones and local hero Amari Jones taking on Quilisto Madera.

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Haney vs. Prograis Fight – Quick FAQ

Hey, when’s the Haney vs. Prograis fight happening? It’s all going down on Saturday, December 9.

Cool, what time should I tune in? Kick-off is at 8 p.m. ET (or 1 a.m. if you’re in the UK).

Main event walkout time? Expect Haney and Prograis to make their grand entrance around 10 p.m. ET (3:37  UK). But hey, this could shift a bit depending on how the earlier fights pan out.

Where can I catch the fight? If you’re in the U.S., LIVE on DAZN PPV. UK folks, you’re good with just a regular DAZN subscription.

What are the odds looking like? Last I checked, DraftKings had Haney at -400 and Prograis at +300.

Where’s the action happening? The Chase Center in San Francisco is where it’s all set to go down.

What’s the scoop on Haney? Devin Haney’s a talented American boxer, born on Nov 17, 1998. He’s got a height of 5′ 8″, a reach of 71″, and rocks a solid 30-0 record with 15 KOs.

And Prograis? Regis Prograis, another American talent, was born on Jan 24, 1989. He’s also 5′ 8″, with a 67″ reach, and his record stands at 29-1, racking up 24 KOs.

What else is on the fight card? Apart from the main event, you’ve got:

    • Regis Prograis 139 lbs. vs.

Devin Haney 140 lbs.

Liam Paro 140 lbs. vs.

Montana Love 140 lbs.

Andy Cruz 134.4 lbs. vs.

Jovanni Straffon 134 lbs.

Ebanie Bridges 117.8 lbs. vs.

Miyo Yoshida 117.6 lbs.

Amari Jones 159.2 lbs. vs.

Quilisto Madera 160 lbs.

Beatriz Ferreira 130 lbs. vs.

Destiny Jones 129.8 lbs.

Shamar Canal 132 lbs. vs.

Jose Antonio Meza 131.8 lbs.