Can a 136-pound Ryan Garcia defeat Gervonta Davis?

By Boxing News - 03/15/2023 - Comments

By Sal Arteaga: Ryan Garcia is set to take on Gervonta Davis on April 22nd at the catchweight of 136 pounds. Garcia last fought at 135 pounds in January 2021 against Luke Campbell; his last two bouts have been at 139 (catchweight) and 140 pounds.

A strategic move by the Davis camp aiming to weaken the bigger-bodied fighter. Garcia is listed at 5 feet 11 inches and will pose the same physical challenges the lengthy 5’10 Mario Barrios posed. With a reach of 70 inches, Ryan can be much more effective by fighting on the outside and making the match a boxing match rather than a slugfest.

Garcia is the faster, more mobile boxer, and using his reach and mobility to outbox the smaller power puncher would be to his advantage.

Tank is the stronger power puncher and, to date, has yet to show a weak chin. He tends to bait his opponents and allow them to feel comfortable, allowing them to attack in the early rounds and then countering in the later rounds with his power attack earning a knockout victory.

Only two of his fights have gone the distance, and only Isaac Cruz appears to have truly challenged his undefeated record. Garcia is both stylistically and physically different from Cruz and would not be able to duplicate his performance.

His strategy must be to outpoint Davis by using the entire ring and using his reach to his advantage, and not staying within striking distance. If he stays on the outside and engages with in-out movement strategically attacks with his jab, he will be able to take it the distance and wear Davis down.

Tank is a power puncher and will seek to get on the inside and make it a brawl; it is to his advantage to do so. Luke Campbell was able to drop Garcia, and if given the opportunity, Tank should be able to do the same.

Ryan must not give Davis that opportunity and should avoid staying in the pocket for long periods of time. Tank will lose the early rounds as he normally does and will seek to bully and slug Garcia into a brawl; if Garcia follows, he will not be very successful and will have a very short night.