Boxing Results: Josh Warrington Loses to Luis Alberto Lopez!

By Boxing News - 12/10/2022 - Comments

By Ken Hissner: At the First Direct Arena, Leeds, Yorkshire, UK, Saturday, over DAZN by Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing) presenting in the Main Event IBF Featherweight champion Josh ‘The Leeds Warrior’ Warrington lost his title by majority decision to Luis “El Venado” Alberto Lopez over 12 action-packed rounds .

In the co-feature, IBF World Bantamweight champion Ebanie Bridges defeated Shannon “Shotgun” O’Connell by stoppage in 8 rounds of a war.

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In the Main Event, IBF Feather champ Josh ‘The Leeds Warrior’ Warrington, 31-2 (8), #124 ¼, of Leeds, Yorkshire, UK, lost by majority decision and his title to Luis “El Venado” Alberto Lopez, 27-2 (15), #124 ½, of Mexicali, Baja California, MEX, over 12 action rounds.

In the first four rounds, the action was furious, going back and forth with Lopez suffering a cut on his left eyebrow from a clash of heads.

Lopez was holding his own as Warrington worked the body from the fifth through the seventh. In the eighth, Warrington suffered a bloody nose and Lopez a cut left eyebrow in the second after a clash of heads.

In the ninth, a low blow from Warrington gave Lopez a 5-minute rest.

In the eleventh, in a fight as close as it could be, Warrington was met punch for punch, having Lopez hurt in the final seconds.

In the twelfth and final round, it looked like Warrington may have pulled it out in the last four rounds as both fighters fought their hearts out and both with hands held high after the final bell. The referee was Bob Williams.

Scores were 114-114 and 115-113 twice this writer had it 114-114.

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Co-feature IBF World Bantam champ Ebanie “The Blonde Bomber” Bridges, 9-1 (4), #117 ¾, of New South Wales, Australia, in a war stopped Shannon “Shotgun” O’Connell, 23-7-1 (11), #117 ¼, of Slacks Creek, Queensland, Australia, at 1:45 of the eighth round of a 10×2 scoring a knockdown.

In the first two rounds, Bridges kept coming forward throwing punches, but O’Connell answered back punch for punch having an edge. In the third round, O’Connell landed a right but was countered by a Bridges right on the chin, and down she went for an 8-count from Referee Howard Foster. She got up, fighting back well but outgunned to the bell.

In the fourth round, a right from Bridges on the chin almost dropped O’Connell again halfway through the round but fought back as best as she could with no quit in her. In the fifth round, Bridges continued throwing bombs but took some back from a game O’Connell.

In the sixth round, the war continued punch for punch as the champion Bridges kept up the pressure but was met with return fire. In the seventh round, Bridges continued the assault having the left eye of O’Connell closing.

In the eighth round, Bridges drove O’Connell into the ropes with four unanswered punches out on her feet, causing referee Foster to call a halt. Manager Brian Cohen entered the ring lifting his champion up in victory.

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In his first defense WBA Continental Super Welter champ JJ (James) Metcalf, 24-2 (15), #153 ½, of Liverpool, Merseyside, UK, stopped Courtney Pennington, 16-6-3 (7), #153, of Brooklyn, NY, at the end of the sixth of a scheduled 10.

In the first four rounds, Metcalf dominated a reluctant defensive-minded Pennington. In the sixth round, Metcalf punished Pennington from bell to bell.

At the end of the sixth round, Referee Howard Foster was informed by the Pennington corner their boxer couldn’t continue.

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Super Middle Felix Cash, 15-0 (10), #166, of Wokingham, Berkshire, UK, Celso “El Fenomeno” Neves, 9-2-2 (2), #166, of Basel, SWZ, eight rounds.

In the first two rounds, Cash dominated with non-stop punching. In the third round, both mixed it up well, with Cash suffering a bloody nose. In the sixth round, Neves had his best round pressing Cash throughout.

In the seventh round, Cash seemed to slow down. In the eighth and final round final twenty seconds, a right from Neves on the left eyebrow of Cash opened a cut. The referee was John Latham, who scored it 77-75, as did the writer.

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Super Bantam southpaw ‘Drago’ Hopey Price, 9-0 (3), #123, of Leeds, Yorkshire, UK, defeated Jonathan ‘Nano” Santana, 9-4-1 (1), #123 ½, of Las Palmas, Islas Canarias, SP, over 8 rounds.

In the first two rounds, southpaw Price gave Santana a boxing lesson. In the third round, final minute, Price landed a left to the midsection and down went Santana for an 8-count from referee John Latham.

In rounds four through six, Santana tried landing against the countering Price to no avail.

In the seventh round, Price pushed Santana down and hit him on the head, getting a warning from referee Latham. In the eighth and final round, Price started off with a 3-punch combination to the chin of Santana.

Halfway through the round, a right hook from Price on the chin stunned Santana. Price boxed well, winning every round.

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Referee John Latham scored 80-72. This writer had it 80-71.

Lightweight southpaw Rhiannon Dixon, 6-0 (0), #134 ½, of Warrington, UK, Kristine “The Rattler” Shergold, 7-6-1 (1), #134 ¼, of Exeter, UK, 8×2 rounds.

In the first three rounds of southpaw, Dixon countered well as Shergold kept coming forward. In the fifth round, a clash of heads caused a cut on the left eyebrow of Shergold and a slightly bloody nose for Dixon.

In the eighth and final round, Shergold tried roughing up Dixon, but the latter managed to box out of her grasp.

Score 80-73 by Referee John Lathan, as was the writers.

Super Welter southpaw 2x National Amateur champion Junaid Bostan, 4-0 (4), #155 ½, of Rotherham, Yorkshire, UK, stopped Athanasios Glynos, 2-2 (1), #155 ½, of Athens, GR, 0:46 (box rec showed 0:37 but announced at 0:46) of the fifth round of a scheduled 6.

In the first round, Bostan was warned by Referee Howard Foster for putting Glynos into a headlock halfway through the round. In the final minute, Bostan landed two separate lead rights to the southpaw Glynos’ chin.

A left uppercut in the final seconds of the round from Boston to the chin rocked Glynos, and then Bostan showboated with hands to his side to the bell.

In the third round, Bostan turned southpaw with less success against southpaw Glynos, who got his left’s in on the chin of Bostan. Though he didn’t win the round, it was close.

In the fifth round, a lead left from southpaw from Bostan on the chin and down went Glymos causing referee Howard Foster to immediately wave it off.

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Returning after a 14-month inactivity, former World Bantam champ now feather Shannon “The Baby Face Assassin” Courtenay, 8-2 (3), #124 ½, of Watford, UK, defeated Gemma “The Rebel” Ruegg, 5-6 (1), #124 ½, of Bournemouth, UK, over 8×2 rounds.

In the first round, a solid right from Courtenay on the chin stunned Ruegg halfway through the round. In the fourth round, Courtenay landed a lead overhand right on the chin of Ruegg, knocking her head back a little bit.

In the sixth round, Ruegg came back well enough to take the round. In the seventh round, Courtenay rocked Ruegg in the final seconds of the round with a right to the chin of Ruegg. In the eighth and final round, both had their moments right up to the bell.

Score by referee John Latham was 77-75. This writer scored it 79-73.

Super Bantam Koby ‘Leeds Pocket Rocket’ McNamara, 4-0 (0), #120, of Leeds, defeated “Batley Bulldog” Nabal Ahmed, 1-13-2 (0), #120, of Batley, Yorkshire, over 4 rounds.

In the first two rounds, McNamara’s hand speed dominated Ahmed. In the fourth and final round, Ahmed was swinging wildly, knowing he needed a knockout but was walking into lefts from McNamara.
Referee Howard Foster scored 40-37. This writer 40-36.

Super Light southpaw Cory O’Regan, 9-0 (1), #136 ½, of Heckmondwike, Yorkshire, UK, stopped Antonio “Chiky” Rodriguez, 7-28 (8), #136 ½, of Madrid, SP, at 2:03 of the fourth round.

In the second round, O’Regan landed over a dozen unanswered punches from Rodriguez, with Referee Howard Foster looking on possibly to stop the fight.

In the fourth round, O’Regan landed well over a dozen unanswered punches having Rodriguez against the ropes and defenseless causing Referee Foster to call a halt.